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Bathin' Smart Bath Scrub- Fish Light Pink/Fuchsia

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Bathin' Smart Bath Scrub- Fish Light Pink/Fuchsia

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Gently scrub, wash and massage with the 100% silicone bath scrub. The texture of this scrub is calming and therapeutic both in and out of the tub-feel the softness. No more stinky wash cloths!


-Great for gently cleaning massaging baby, kids and even "big" kids (adults).
-Provide a gentle massage during bath time before bedtime. Lathers nicely with soap.
-Great as a mess free quiet sensory/fidget toy for kids 6+.  Won't damage or stick to anything.
-Double sided.  Shorter strands are great for gently cleaning cradle cap. Longer strands work great for lathering and massaging.
-Not just for baby-Mother's with sore breast from breastfeeding can gently massage there breast while in warm bath.
-Winner National Parenting Seal of Approval 2017
-Winner of The Eddy 2017 Award  New (educational industry award)
-100% silicone. This scrub is easy to care for and naturally resists mold-it is dishwasher and sterilization safe. Can even put it in boiling water to sanitize.
-Made in South Korea
Product dimensions: 140mm x 72mm x 24mm (5.51in x 2.83in x .94in)
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  1. bath time fun

    Posted by Randi Warren on Sep 8th 2017

    When I first ordered this I was a little worried. Like how can silicone be nice and soft for a baby?? Totally confused yet intrigued I had to get one.
    Oh my senses! This thing is so fun to play with outside of the tub I can only imagine how it is inside the tub.
    We used it for the first time tonight with my 3 year old. I was a little concerned how I would hold onto it. It was AMAZING! Literally awesome for bath time. Would totally recommend this product to all my mommy friends.

  2. awesome

    Posted by Saba on Aug 23rd 2017

    I used this on my 2 month old during her bath and just loved it. She seemed to be in a little trance when I would stroke her arms or legs with it! She absolutely loves it and it's so much easier to clean than the washcloths and loofah's that I have used in the past! All my kids have one now!

  3. Awesome!

    Posted by Caitlin on Aug 22nd 2017

    I recently purchased as an alternative scrubber for my daughter in the bath. Well just last night, she decided to give herself "tattoos" ALL over her body. Used the scrubber and every last mark came off! I could be gentle while still scrubbing, she even loved getting scrubbed down because it didn't hurt like a washcloth would have! Needless to say, we love this product!

  4. Love this Bath Scrub

    Posted by tammy catalan on Aug 8th 2017

    My baby loves this. After I bathe her she loves to play with it and try to wash herself. I will be buying more of these to have on hand.

  5. Marriage of Baby Brush and Wash Cloth

    Posted by mchoodies on Jul 31st 2017

    I love this scrubby fish! Our four month old still has cradle cap, so I usually use a soft baby brush on his scalp when we bathe him. Then, I switch to a wash cloth to bathe the rest of his body, but I hate having both the brush and the wash cloth hanging out to dry because it takes forever. I also worry about any little debris getting stuck in the bristles of the brush and not getting fully clean.
    That's where this scrubby fish has become our bathtime hero! Baby loves to play with it while we enjoy the water as it fills the tub. It's so soft and floppy that it can't hurt him when he slams it into his face to explore it with his gums and mouth. When it's time to wash- it's perfect for little suds and helping to break through the cradle cap. It's more effective and more gentle than the wash cloth - and it doesn't take forever to dry.
    We love it!

  6. Love this scrub!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 23rd 2017

    I was so excited to give our first Innobaby product a try! I used this in the bath with my 11 month old- it worked great as a bath scrub and she seemed to like how it felt on her skin! She also enjoyed playing with it after I was done! I love how easy it is to rinse off and dry and I like that it is able to be sterilized!

  7. Nice pink scrubby

    Posted by Helle on Jul 20th 2017

    I like that this baby bath scrubby is easy to clean so I don't have to worry about germs or mold. It's nice and soft, folds easily, and can also be used as a sensory toy.

  8. This is a great alternative for a regular washcloth

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 20th 2017

    My daughter really likes this bathtime scrubber. She is able use it herself and she loves the texture. I love the fact that we can just use it and rinse it.

  9. LOVE!

    Posted by Katherine on Jul 20th 2017

    This is fantastic for the bath. I had been using washcloths which means seeing used washcloths hanging off the towel bar or shower faucet until laundry day. But now we have this cute little fish hanging out on the tub instead! The silicone bristles are super soft and gentle on baby's delicate skin and the scrub is soft and pliable to get into all the nooks and crannies.

  10. The answer to cradle cap!

    Posted by Unknown on May 6th 2017

    I have tried everything to get rid of cradle cap and I finally have a solution! This bath scrub when used in combination with coconut oil loosened the cradle cap enough to comb it right out. After 3 uses, my baby's cradle cap is almost gone.

    My toddler also loves to use this to wash herself.

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