New Mom Breastfeeding FAQ’s

If breastfeeding is an important part of your current or upcoming motherhood journey, you probably have many questions. Breastfeeding is an instinctual human process; however, it can still come with many challenges along the way. If you are a breastfeeding new mama or plan to be, we are here to help make your life a little easier. Keep reading to see the answers to the most frequently asked questions for new moms breastfeeding, as well as a couple of products that can help you in the early stages of your journey.

How Do I Know if I Am Breastfeeding Correctly?

There are many different positions and ways to feed your baby. Choose whichever is most comfortable for you and your baby, and then make sure the latch is nice and deep.

Some of the signs that you and your baby have a great latch include: (source: WIC Breastfeeding )
The latch is comfortable and pain-free.
Your baby's chest and stomach rest against your body so that baby's head is straight, not turned to the side.
Your baby's chin touches your breast.
Your baby's mouth opens wide around your breast, not just the nipple.
Your baby's lips turn out.
Your baby's tongue cups under your breast.
You hear or see swallowing.
Your baby's ears move slightly.
Simple steps to achieve a good latch include:
  1. Tickle your baby's lips with your nipple. This will help baby open their mouth wide.
  2. Aim your nipple just above your baby's top lip. Make sure your baby's chin isn't tucked into their chest.
  3. Aim your baby's lower lip away from the base of your nipple. Baby's lips should be turned outward like a fish. Your baby should lead into the breast chin first and then latch onto your breast. Your baby's tongue should be extended, and your breast should fill your baby's mouth.

What Are the Signs My Baby Has a Tongue Tie?

One of the earliest issues many parents face is their child experiencing a tongue tie. Usually, it is presented early on when it is discovered that breastfeeding is a little tougher than it seems that it should be. One of the reasons your baby might not be getting a deep enough latch is that they are experiencing a tongue tie. If you believe your baby might have a tongue tie, it is important to check with your doctor.

Here are some of the symptoms of tongue tie: (source: )
Cause pain with breastfeeding
Compress the breast rather than suck
Have noisy feeding sessions as they swallow lots of air (this can also be related to positioning issues or reflux)
Have trouble latching when breastfeeding
Not make enough wet or dirty diapers
Require long feeding times
Your baby cannot lift the tongue to the roof of the mouth
Your baby cannot keep a pacifier in the mouth (though many babies without tongue-tie also refuse pacifiers)
Your baby cannot move the tongue from side to side
Your baby cannot move the tongue past the gumline, where teeth will grow

How Do I Help My Sore Breasts/Nipples?

Early postpartum comes with many aches and pains, one of them being the pain associated with breastfeeding. Your breasts and nipples are still getting used to breastfeeding, leaving you with sore nipples and engorged breasts.

Some of the ways you can help your sore breasts include:
Breastfeed often to avoid engorgement
Express milk if you are uncomfortable
Avoid using a pacifier
Apply warm, moist towels to your breasts before feedings
Apply cold compresses to your breasts after feedings
Give yourself a breast massage with an Innobaby Silicone Mini Fish Scrub

Innobaby Silicone Mini Fish Scrub

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Bonus: The silicone Mini Scrub is dishwasher safe or can be sterilized in boiling water for a deep clean. Mini Fish includes a convenient handle that is easy to grip and can be suctioned to the side of the tub, shower wall, or any other smooth surface. Simply apply a small amount of your favorite shampoo or body wash, massage to create a lather, and enjoy! Made in South Korea.

Can I Help My Baby’s Latch Issues?

If your baby is having latching issues, whether they can’t get a deep enough latch or they simply refuse, there are things you can do to encourage latching with your baby!

  1. Make sure you are in a calm, comfortable place for both you and your baby
  2. Do not force your baby to feed; let them take the lead
  3. Make sure your baby is held in a straight line and that you are not holding the back of their head. Your baby needs to be able to tild their head back.
  4. Bring your baby to your breast and allow them to latch themselves; don’t bring your breast to them.
  5. Practice latching exercises with an Innobaby Teethin SMART EZ Grip Fruit Teether. Offer your baby a little bit at a time so that they can practice opening wide and latching confidently.

Innobaby Teethin SMART EZ Grip Fruit Teether

latching practice.jpg__PID:09edb414-de27-4897-8c51-20931f589d87

Innobaby’s fruit teethers aren’t just great for teething pain; they’re considered “training teethers,” which means they’re great for many reasons. They stimulate the muscles of the lips, tongue, and cheeks to improve oral motor skills, which aids in nursing, eating solid foods, drinking from cups, and speech development! They can be used early in newborn days for latching practice and breastfeeding exercises.

The light and easy-to-grip handle also improves hand-eye coordination. Giving two to baby will allow for bilateral movement and stimulation of both sides of the brain, as well!

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