Nursin' SMART 9 oz Silicone Training Straw Cup - 2 Colors

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Colors: Orange

Innobaby Nursin' SMART™ 9 oz Silicone Training Straw Cup

Innobaby silicone baby straw cup orange color

Noticeably soft and naturally elastic, Innobaby’s Nursin’ SMART Grow-With-Me Silicone Nursing System was developed by a group of pediatric specialists in 2004. It’s made with the highest quality medical grade silicone and carefully manufactured to provide an ultimate supplementary feeding solution to all feed challenges faced from infant to toddler years.

Transitioning from the Natural Nurser to the straw cup can make the weaning period easier for baby, as the same soft bottle is transitioned into a straw cup. Its soft and natural feel allows for parents to squeeze the bottle gently to help baby adjust to drinking from a cup. The patented inner valve controls the flow of liquid, allowing for adjustments to ensure comfort for your child.

Sippy cups with valves are designed to be leak-proof but is not made as an ideal tool for training babies to learn from how to drink from a cup. Something these sippy-cups require an intense sucking motion to release liquid, which can interfere with oral and speech development. A straw cup not only allows liquid to bypass teeth when drinking, which may reduce tooth decay, according to pediatric dentists, but also reduces confusion and latching issues in breast-fed babies.

This Grow-With-Me system allows for extended use throughout toddler years. This single bottle can be used with different stage nipples and even straws for different ages and developmental stages, and because it is easy to sanitize and made with safe materials, it can be used for multiple children, making it eco-friendly and economical.


  • 100% pure grade silicone/LSR (liquid silicone rubber)

Other details:

  • BPA-, PVC-, phthalate-, and lead- free
  • Free of all petroleum based chemicals
  • Can be hand-washed or boiled to sterilize
  • Dimensions: 7” x 2.75” x 2.75”

Praised by Moms: 

“This is truly God sent.  I’m definitely recommending your bottles to my friends.” 

"Babies will more likely to take our bottle due to the softness and flexibility which resembles breastfeeding experience.   This bottle is an answer to breast feeding mothers who are faced with babies refusing to drink from any ordinary bottle." 

“My baby is finally eating better through the bottle.  I love this system”   

"With specially designed Natural Nipple that requires same suckling motion that a breastfeeding requires, babies can control the liquid flow rather than reacting to it.  Therefore, they will less likely to spit up and drink easier at their own speed, causing a much happier baby."

“I have been looking for a training cup like this!”

Innobaby baby straw cup orange color dimensions