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Real Reviews By @Pineconesandpacifiers

Real Review


This bubble wand is amazing for toddlers and little kids!!
✔️ no liquid backflow
✔️ mess-free, non-toxic botanical bubbles
✔️ easy to fill and use
✔️ blows LOTS of bubbles
✔️ great for oral and speech development

-Jessica Conboy, mom of 3 +🤰🏻-

Meet The IBmoms: @Pineconesandpacifiers

Jessica is a full-time SAHM of three (almost 4) and also a full-time blogger and content creator! She lives in Washington state and her family loves going to the lake in the summer, skiing together in the winter, and traveling as much as they can. As a seasoned mama, she loves sharing her passion for motherhood, baby and toddler meal ideas, and all the best products with her following.

Her handle is just a little mix of where she lives (Washington) & a staple of motherhood (pacifiers)- She started her blog and IG when her first was a baby more than 5 years ago.