Real Reviews By @talkwithtoys

As a Speech-Language Pathologist I am always looking for products that are safe, motivating & simple. These bubbles allow for kids to safely inhale to give their best blow. Adequate breath support is key for speech production. No sticky residue is the icing on the cake.

-Julie Barry, MA CCC-SLP-

Meet The IBmoms: @talkwithtoys

Julie has been an ASHA-certified Speech-Language Pathologist since 2012 and is currently licensed in the state of New Jersey. Her job experience includes a variety of clinical settings including:

-Hospital (Inpatient & Outpatient)
-Rehab centers
-Public & Specialized Schools
-Early Intervention
-Private Practice

Julie is a PROMPT-Trained clinician with areas of special interests such as early intervention, late-talking, motor speech disorders such as apraxia of speech and preschool speech-language disorders. She is known for her ability to incorporate movement into her sessions to keep children fully engaged in their learning.