Spring Break Boredom Busters

It’s hard to believe that spring break is already here! If your little ones are out of school or daycare this week and you’re looking for a million ways to keep them occupied without resorting to endless screentime, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to check out our favorite spring break boredom busters, the most fun products you’ll need to stay busy, and great activities to go along with them!

Sensory Paint Activities

Painting is fun, but let’s face it: It’s messy, takes a long time to set up, and doesn’t keep your little one’s interest for too long. Time to up the game! Make it a sensory paint experience with our silicone sensory toys and watch their boredom disappear!

What You’ll Need: SPIKE Sensory Fidget Ball

These SPIKE Silicone Fidget Balls are going to be your child’s new best friend. Made in an adorable pineapple-like shape and three stimulating colors, kids (and adults!) of all ages won’t be able to put them down. Easy to fit in the palm of your hand, these balls have tons of textures and ways to enjoy them. Squish, pop, float, toss, or pull—these balls will help keep focus and fulfill sensory needs.

How to Play

  • Grab a paintbrush and put your SPIKE Sensory Fidget Ball on the non-brush end.
  • Dip it in the paint and watch as your little one explores tapping, shaking, sliding, and splattering the paint all over their canvas!
  • Keep the regular paintbrush side available in case they need a break from the sensory magic.

The SPIKE ball is super easy to wash off and clean and leaves less mess behind than regular paintbrushes.

Mess-Free Indoor/Outdoor Bubble Play

Even though it is spring, that doesn’t mean the weather is perfect where you live. You may still be stuck with chilly, windy, rainy, or even snowy weather still! Luckily, Innobaby has invented a magical bubble solution that dries fast and is non-sticky or gooey so that you can bring the fun indoors.

What You’ll Need: Sensory Bubble Play Skin Happy Botanical Bubbles & Blower Set

Say hello to SPIKE’s Sensory Bubble Play! This sensory bubble toy gives tons of bubbles without the mess or soapy, gooey residue. Perfect for sensory play, learning, bubble therapy, the classroom, birthday parties, special events, and more, this uniquely designed bubble system is non-toxic, calming, and worry-free for parents. Made with plant extracts, coconut oil, and purified water, this bubble toy is easy on sensitive skin.

How to Play

If your toddler loves bubbles, but you hate the mess and constantly dipping a wand into a messy jug, you’re going to love how simple, easy, and mess-free this bubble blower is! Simply pour bubble solution into the tray, dip, and twirl the blower, and start blowing bubbles!

You can even bring this blower and solution into the bath for more bubble fun. The solution is botanical and non-soapy, so it’s perfect for bath time.

Pack Up a Picnic

A great way to keep your kids entertained is to pack up a picnic—together! Even if it’s just in your backyard, your child will love having a different experience at lunchtime.

What You’ll Need: FLEX&LOCK KIDS FlexBox Set

The Flexbox Set is the most fun your kid will ever have with their lunchbox! Made with platinum silicone, this material does not require plasticizers for its pliability. It's pure and heat resistant so you can stop worrying about chemicals leaching into food when warming food.

Watch your kids, even the pickiest eaters, finish their healthy meals by making their lunchtime fun, thanks to the interactive FlexCharms that will keep them entertained! Reward your healthy eaters with their favorite charms!

FlexBox provides completely leak-proof protection without the need for rubber seals, thanks to a 2-in-1 silicone plate that doubles as a leakproof seal. The inner tray is made with heat-resistant, BPA-free platinum grade silicone. Simply remove the tray and reheat. It’s safe for oven use, safe to microwave, and safe to put in the dishwasher!

How to Play

Make lunchtime a big ordeal by digging out a picnic blanket, packing up lunch in your FlexBox, making special treats, and eating outside! It’s also fun to create games while you’re out there to take in the scenery and keep the speech and social development growing.

Fij-It Fun

Sensory fidget toys are a great way to keep your little ones’ hands busy while going about your daily business. If you’re trying to keep up their studying while on break but are having a tough time getting them to focus, Fij-Its is a great way to help them. They’re also super fun to play with, and there are endless ways to use them!

What You’ll Need: SPIKE Fij-it 12-Pack

SPIKE Fij-it 12-Pack - innobaby

Fidget toys have been clinically proven to help children with attention and anxiety issues stay focused and calm. The SPIKE Fij-it™ is mess-free and quiet, making them ideal for the classroom. Spike Fij-it™ features durable and soft spikes that provide tactile stimulation for Kinesthetic learners.

With a dual-textured design, it features soft and durable silicone spikes on one side and a smooth surface on the other. Our product testers couldn’t put them down!

For even more tactile fun, squeeze two Fij-it toys together and enjoy the satisfaction of peeling them apart. Made from 100% Silicone, SPIKE Fij-it™ toys are hypoallergenic and non-toxic, as well as BPA, phthalate, latex, and odor-free. Silicone is also naturally antibacterial, making it easy to clean.

Made with food-grade silicone, SPIKE sensory products are non-toxic and easy to clean and sterilize in boiling water. Unlike cheaper alternatives, our SPIKE will last and calm your senses for many years to come!

How to Play

There are endless ways to play with SPIKE Fij-Its! Some of them include:

  • Bring them in the bath for a fun, easy-to-clean, antimicrobial bath toy
  • Use them to paint with
  • Stick them together and peel them apart
  • Use them for color matching or color identification activities
  • Use in the palm of the hand during studying or eating to help focus
  • Bring them in the car during long drives

For more fun activities, high-quality products, and parenting tips, visit us at Innobaby.com!

Photo: © via canva.com