Flex&Lock Kids Lunchbox Value Set

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FlexBox Set
FlexWarez Utensil Set

Flex & Lock Kids Lunchbox Value Set

This set includes:

  • ONE FlexBox
  • ONE FlexWarez Spoon & Fork Set 
  • FOUR FlexCharmz


  • Made with Platinum Silicone: This material does not require plasticizers for its pliability. It's pure and heat resistant so you can stop worrying about chemicals leaching into food when warming food.
  • Make Lunchtime Fun: Watch your kids, even the pickiest eaters, finish their healthy meals by making their lunchtime fun, thanks to the interactive FlexCharms that will keep them entertained! Reward your healthy eaters with their favorite charms!
  • Customizable Decoration: FlexCharm comes in a variety of shapes & colors, allowing kids to explore and reward healthy mealtime in a fun way! Made with flexible & durable silicone, the charms are easy to wash & dry for your child's next interactive playtime.
  • Leak-Proof Protection & Air Tight: Enjoy leak-proof protection without the need for rubber seals, thanks to a 2-in-1 silicone plate that doubles as a leakproof seal. Join our mission to create a worry-free & sensible lunchbox that does not mold or leak and encourages healthy & waste-free meals. Win-Win for parents & kids!
  • Microwavable & Oven Safe: A tray is made with heat-resistant & BPA-Free platinum grade silicone. Simply remove the tray and reheat. Safe for oven use. Safe to microwave.


FlexBox Dimensions

FlexBox Set

FlexWarez Kids Spoon & Fork Set w/ Charmz


  • Easy to decorate & personalize: Push & Pop silicone charms to the handle.  Choose from a variety of silicone FlexCharmz™ and collect them all!
  • Variety Theme & Shapes: Kids love our Unicorn, Dinosaure, and Toyworld themed Charmz - let their imagination run wild and decorate!
  • Easy to reward:  Praise your child with charms!  Reward kids' milestones and let them feel proud of their accomplishments.
  • Flexible & Easy to grip: Charms are tactile. easy to hold, and works great as a fidget. 
  • Durable & Non-toxic:  Made with Liquid Silicone Rubber, it's durable and free of toxic chemicals.
  • Safety Standards: Product has been tested based on CPSC guidelines for children's use.  
  • Product Specifications: for Utensils: Length - 6.1 inches, Weight - 0.1 LB
  • Made in South Korea

Care & Use

  • Flexwarez: Hand washing recommended, dishwasher safe
  • Flexcharmz: Dishwasher & sterilization safe

 Age Guide

  • Intended for children ages 3 and up