If you have kids, then working from home probably entails three different jobs: your day job, being a parent, and also being a teacher. All three are full-time commitments, plus overtime. All the work can be exhausting, especially in this prolonged pandemic. But as difficult as it may seem, it’s possible to juggle work and childcare. Read on for four tips to make your work from home setup more manageable:

Have a Designated Workspace

Pick one spot in the house where you can work. Depending on your dynamic with the kids, this could be a room where you can be alone or an area where you can keep an eye on their antics. Whichever you decide on, make sure your kids know not to bother you too much when you’re in the “office.” Additionally, make sure to keep your workspace neat and tidy. Research has shown that focusing becomes much harder when the brain is presented with too many stimuli — clutter included. “Many of us aren’t good at processing clutter,” professor of neuroscience and psychology Sabine Kastner states in an article for National Geographic. “It can become overwhelming and make our brains do more work to complete simple tasks.” To keep your stress levels low, make sure your work area is clutter-free. A little cleaning up goes a long way.

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Establish a Routine

Routines are a great way of incorporating regularity into the family’s schedule. This sets everyone’s expectations and gives the days a sense of structure. Make sure to consider your spouse and your children’s needs because these are crucial in building an effective routine. “Each family member has needs and priorities, too,” resilience coach L. Barbour outlined on Marcus. “They’re all going to want a piece in the new order… We want our family to express their needs so they can feel acknowledged and appreciated.” This, she says, is key to ensuring a happier home, but there are many ways to approach your routine. One way to do this is to sit down with your whole family to discuss everyone’s schedules and delegate the household chores. Communicating these things early on makes it easier to avoid conflict down the line. Setting a daily routine such as lunches and snacks pre-made using Innobaby Stainless steel bus plates and Innobaby bento snack boxes for a grab-and-go lunch make all the difference in the world when navigating e-learning, deadlines, and kids at home. Also, get them into a mask routine. If you have a childcare worker in your home, have a designated spot for their Innobaby Silver Masks to be stored for when the care arrives. Bonus: Have a different color for each day of the week! 

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Plan Activities for Your Kids

When you and your spouse are busy, make sure your kids are too. This makes them less likely to bug you when you’re in an important meeting. Give them books, puzzle games, art materials — anything they can busy themselves with. You could also plan family activities after your work hours, to give them something to look forward to. We have another article on Innobaby with activity ideas that are perfect for the chillier seasons. One of our suggestions is a basement sleepover with our Milo and Gabby sleeping bags and pillowcases. Get everyone’s favorite snacks, put on a good movie, then spend the night tucked up in your sleeping bags. It’ll be just like a camping trip (minus all the bugs)! You can even set up a SagePole tent and let them cozy in and have their own space. It features durable fabric with a beautiful design and is easy to put up, take down, and store. 

Make Sure to Get Enough Rest

Finally, make sure to take care of yourself. Take breaks when you have to and don’t be ashamed to talk to your boss about getting a day off when things get really difficult at home. Also, make sure to get enough sleep. An article on Brain & Life discusses the consequences of not getting enough sleep and tips on how to improve your bedtime routine. One recommendation is to establish a regular bedtime and stick to it. This trains your brain to associate that specific time with rest, making it easier for you to fall asleep. These are non-negotiable because to be a good parent, you need to be in the right state — physically and mentally. Also, make sure your kiddos are getting adequate sleep in a comfortable environment as well. Check out our Milo and Gabby comforters and find the one that fits your child’s interests and needs. We have a variety of bedding pieces for all climates and seasons! 


We hope those tips helped you out! While you’re here, do check out our store. We’re committed to providing parents with high-quality products for their children, so be sure to look over our catalog at Joli Moli. Our items are thoughtfully produced and carefully curated with none other than the parent in mind!

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