Letter from the Founders

With our passion to learn, create, and solve problems, we love to challenge ourselves to deliver high quality smart juvenile solutions that can benefit both parents and babies. We love delivering innovative products. We feel good when others understand and appreciate what we do. It motivates us to continue to strive for more. We never compromise quality. We want to make sure that what we deliver is safe, innovative and durable because, as parents, that’s what we all look for. Although perfection may be difficult to achieve, that doesn’t stop us from reaching for that goal. We like to think outside of the box and hope to continue to deliver innovative solutions that meet the changing needs of smart parenting.

We would like to extend a big thank you to our retailers, fans and the Innobaby team. We love what we do and we couldn’t do it without your support.

- Jee (mother of two) & Kristen (mother of three) -

We would like to extend a big thank you to our retailers, fans & the Innobaby team. We love what we do & we couldn’t do it without your support ♥︎

Our Story

In 2000, Jee & Kristen met through their husbands who were college roommates and soon entered the world of motherhood and play dates. While sharing their motherhood experiences and challenges, Jee and Kristen realized that they both had desires to do something more and shared a level of enthusiasm and spirit to create what is now Innobaby.

Jee started her own exporting company and she and her baby were always on-the-go, leaving her frustrated with limited selection she had to carry formula & snacks. Her formula dispensers spilled & mixed contents while snacks got crushed in zipper bags. She wanted an all in one container that keeps contents separate, crush free, and stacking/interlocking to save space and accessible. Her needs were later solved with launch of Packin’ SMART ®

Kristen designed a crib sheet that is easy to change as she was challenged with the task of changing crib sheets throughout the day. While struggling with a crib sheet in the middle of the night while trying to tend to a crying baby, she decided to create a sheet that is easier to use. With a borrowed sewing machine, she learned how to sew and created her first protype – waterproof, easy to change, gentle on skin and safe. Her needs were later solved with launch of Sleepin’ SMART™ (Crib Sheet Topper).

With the birth of the Crib Sheet Topper, Jee and Kristen quickly decided to collaborate. In 2006, Innobaby was born with savings they received from family members who believed in their vision. They nervously launched Packin’ SMART® and Sleepin’ SMART™ at a consumer event. Within the first 6 hours into the 2-day event, they were sold out on the 200 units and took orders for the remainder of the show. They realized how many parents shared same challenges and were glad to offer solutions that could benefit more than themselves.

Today, our office is based in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Our award winning products are sold through various retail channels within U.S. and overseas. We are a family owned business employing nicest, honest, and qualified people – sometimes even neighborhood friends and families! We love working and we enjoy creating our ideas and visions into reality.

Founders' Featured

Our founders were featured as the Mom Inventors and #mompreneurs and we are delighted to share their story.

Story Behind Our Products

Our products are categorized into various groups with each seal representing our ultimate goal. 

Aquaheat logo

From 2011 until 2015, we began our journey in creating a food-warming solution for our stainless lunchbox, Keepin' Fresh.  Instead of just keeping food warm and offering soggy food hours later, we wanted to create a kitchen on-the-go solution for a better tasting & healthier food that is portable, quick and easy to use just when you need it.  We partnered with our long time supplier to deliver this unique concept and, together, our goal was to offer a kitchen-on-the-go food warming/cooling solution for today's modern lifestyle.  As Seen On Hatched TV Series twice and being chosen as a final contender for the Shark Thank show, AquaheatⓇhas received various awards, including the prestigious International Housewares Association Innovation Award and is considered as the quickest and the most portable bottle warming solution for today's busy parents.  

Packin Smart logo

Parents today are busier than ever and gearing up for their outings with their young ones takes quite a bit of planning and packing. This seal represents SMART solution for on-the-go challenges and features at least one of the following design criteria – stacking, interlocking, nesting, adjustable, and expandable to travel compact and organized.

Nursin Smart logo

With many moms going back to the workforce while breastfeeding, finding the right transitional bottle is important, especially when they decide to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding. This seal represents SMART solution for breastfeeding mothers, weaning babies, and babies with feeding challenges. 

Din Din Smart logo

In order to keep our young ones healthy, we want to build healthy eating habits and introduce healthy foods like vegetables, whole grain, and fruits from early on. This seal represents SMART solution to make meal time fun so that even the pickiest eaters can become healthy eaters. 

Keepin Smart logo

Healthy eating starts with homemade food. With our busy lives, it is very difficult to make a gourmet meal every day. This seal represents SMART solution for keeping food fresh to preserve nutrients and freshness. These freezer-friendly solutions are perfect for making meals ahead of time, but also perfect for on the go with its airtight seal. 

Sippin Smart logo

Transitioning from nursing or bottle-feeding to a regular cup is a great milestone for babies. This seal represents SMART solution for transitioning and teaching toddlers to confidently drink from a cup while minimizing mess for parents. It features design elements to meet challenges of both toddlers and parents, including easy continuous flow, easy grip, easy-to-clean design, and spill-proof straw.

Sleepin Smart logo

From infant years to potty-training toddler years, comfortable yet functional bedding solutions are a must. This seal represents SMART solutions for crib and toddler bedding. 

Teethin Smart logo

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