Babies have exquisitely sensitive skin. When it's irritated, it's obvious, and it's really uncomfortable for them. Clothes can rub against a rash and make it worse, dry climates can irritate it, the wrong bath soap can even become a problem. 

But eczema is a whole other problem. There are eight different kinds of eczema (!) and they can come with itchy, flaky skin, blisters, scaly skin, lesions or cracked skin, and redness. 31.6M people in the US alone have some form of eczema. ( This article has some great facts.) 70% of eczema cases begin before the age of five. Kids report feeling left out socially at school, and some even state that they avoid certain activities because they're nervous about how people will react to their appearance. 

Ugh. We never, ever want our littles to be uncomfortable or sad or hurting, physically or emotionally, right? Luckily we've got something for that. 

Botanical Therapy is innobaby's first skincare product line, and there's a reason we love it so much. It's all-natural. Look at how much good stuff is in here: 

Botanical Therapy

They're so transparent with what's in their products, which innobaby thinks is super important. Like we said, baby's skin is already sensitive, and when you throw eczema into that mix, of course you need to know what's in it. 

And look at those natural ingredients. We have bottles of the lotion all over the innobaby office because we use it too. 

Just today we were talking about how dry winter makes our skin in the Midwest. We're all ashy and have dry skin all over the place. Then we all realized that the transition back to our shorts and sleeveless weather wardrobe is easier when we use Botanical Therapy. (Of course all the innobabies love it too!) 

We've got one mom here whose teenage son even uses it on his eczema, and he said the nice part is that it really doesn't sting like some ointment can. Cracked skin isn't easy or fun to deal with, so if you can find something that doesn't hurt when you apply it, hold on tight and buy a couple more bottles!

Also remember: soap selection is just as important as lotion, too. Anything with fragrance or chemicals in it can be painful and irritating, and worst-case scenario: can cause an infection. No way you want that for baby. The Botanical Therapy line also includes a body-wash that is so gentle and is all-natural, which makes it perfectly safe for all ages. (Seriously, it's so great you're going to need one for each bathroom, we promise.) Check out a list of  BAD ingredients for eczema here

stick balm

You should definitely check out our calendula stick. It's a perfect lip balm, or great for clearing up that drool rash, too. We have customers who have noticed incredible results in less than a day. ( Check out the #innobabyllc hashtag on Instagram; you won't be disappointed.)


And of course we need to mention our fish,which people love, love, love. It's SO gentle that it can be used on newborns, it's antimicrobial, doesn't harbor mold or any weird smells like washcloths or loofas can, and it's even great for cradle cap!

The whole fam is going to want one of their own. They're gentle, clean, and honestly, it feels like a little massage. They pair perfectly with the cleansing therapy wash, for mom, dad, baby, and really, you can even wash your dishes or veggies with them - that's how gentle they are. 

You'll notice on the website that there's only orange, pink, and blue, but no worries: we have a new purple friend floating our way shortly, and you'll hear about it here first!

So go grab some Botanical Therapy. That skin needs moisture, and this is the best, gentlest, all-natural stuff out there. We're not joking when we say we use it in the office all of the time. We stand behind our products 100%! 

April 02, 2018

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