#1. PB&J . . . The long standing lunch staple. It's a super fast lunch to make and can be made to accommodate different dietary needs while still providing protein for your kids during a busy day of learning. The are so many nut butter options available today. Looking to add something cute and fun to your child's lunch than a regular square sandwich - use a cookie cutter to make fun shapes

2. Breakfast for lunch! Who knew? Pack some cereal in a small bowl and your child can buy cold milk at school -voila! Breakfast for lunch. Pack up some sliced bananas or berries for your child to mix in OR you can even toast a waffle the night before and pack with peanut butter to spread for a protein packed lunch.

3. Pinwheel wraps. Sandwiches can get boring and wraps are on the rise! Lay out a tortilla, and layer with yummy ingredients like hummus and sliced ham, roll it up, cut into 1in slices and you have a new and creative finger food your child will love. Make this lunch even more fun by having your child help you the night before. They can pick out all of the ingredients so they are sure to eat it all up.

#4. Tuna in a Pita. Tuna is a kid-friendly replacement for peanut butter if your school or child is nut-free and you still want to fuel them with some protein. Fill a pita pocket with some greens and your tuna-mayo combo, even some sliced cherry tomatoes for that extra pop of flavor.

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