It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and let’s be honest - it’s beginning to feel like it, too! We’re not just talking about the wonderful holiday spirit, traditions and magic, but also all the dry skin and chapped lips that come along with it. As adults, we are loading up on the lotion, chapstick and more to protect ourselves. As we all know, babies are unable to properly communicate with us when their lips are feeling chapped or when their skin is feeling dry, so it’s important for us as parents to stay on top of it and make sure they are well moisturized this winter season. Finding natural, safe products to use on our babies can be a daunting task. Researching all the ingredients and what they mean can feel like a job in itself on top of everything else we already have to do as moms. If you’re not sure where to even begin looking for great, all natural products to get for your little one, worry not! You’ve stumbled upon the right place. We break it all down for you, giving your products that all work together, making it a super easy one-stop-shop for you! Keep on reading - and you might want to use some of these, too!

Cold Weather Must-Haves

If it’s your first winter with your baby and you’re not sure where to start - we’ve got you covered. Know someone who might need some advice? You can also send this list along to a new, or expectant, mom that you know! Since the holidays are around the corner, this can make a great gift list or baby shower gift list as well! Let’s get to shopping!

Botanical Therapy Baby Moisturizing Lotion with Natural Extracts - $18.00

Easily protect your baby’s delicate skin and lock in moisture with our Botanical Therapy Moisturizing Baby Lotion! Our fast-acting Ceramide complex is identical to the lipids naturally found in skin, so it creates a long-lasting moisture barrier for all day healing protection. This makes it perfect for right after bathtime or first thing in the morning! Formulated with hydrogen water and pH balanced to prevent over dryness and inflammation, it is also a refreshing formula if your baby’s skin is already dry. The contains sage flower extract will help calm and soothe even the most sensitive newborn skin, so you can rest easy knowing this product is safe. It’s super easy to use: just gently massage into baby’s body and face to nourish and moisturize every day. It’s unscented and works perfectly with our Shampoo, Calendula Stick Balm and Body Wash (keep reading for more of those!). It’ll help calm irritated skin, can be used from head-to-toe and is a must-have for these winter months!

Botanical Therapy Moisturizing Baby Cream with Shea Butter - $18.00

If you live in the city, then this cream is a must-have. Our ultra-rich Botanical Therapy Baby Cream soothes and protects baby’s delicate skin from the cold weather and other harsh environmental irritants by creating a safe and natural moisture barrier. Formulated with hydrogen water and pH balanced to prevent over dryness and inflammation, our lotion is ideal for babies with sensitive skin conditions, such as eczema, that can flare up in the wintertime. It also contains ingredients such as shea butter to nourish and moisturize, hyaluronic acid and ceramide complex to soothe and heal, and beeswax to calm itching and lock in moisture. Fragrance Free and safe for all ages, all you need to do is gently massage into irritated or dry skin. It’s safe to use daily because it’s free of added dyes and fragrance, and you might want to squeeze out an extra little bit for yourself!

Botanical Therapy Pure Baby Shampoo with Calendula and Witch Hazel - $16.00

Need some good bathtime products? Our Botanical Therapy Pure Baby Shampoo is made with natural botanical ingredients and formulated with hydrogen water to clean baby’s hair and scalp - all while maintaining a balanced pH. Calming essential ingredients such as hibiscus flower extract will exfoliate dry skin and cradle cap, all while locking in moisture. The calendula and witch hazel extracts work to soothe baby’s sensitive skin and make sure your baby’s scalp will get super clean without overdrying. It’s very calming to already dry skin, and pairs perfectly with our baby lotions. To use, all you need to do is simply wet baby’s hair and pump a small amount of shampoo into your hands, then create a lather by massage into baby’s hair and scalp. It’s safe for babies and newborns, and yes, even works wonders for adults!

Botanical Therapy Soothing Baby Body Wash with Calendula and Witch Hazel Extract - $16.00

Our Botanical Therapy Baby Wash is made with natural botanical ingredients and formulated with hydrogen water to mimic the natural pH levels of your baby’s delicate skin. This means it keeps your baby nice and moisturized in these cold winter months! It is formulated with natural calendula and witch hazel extract to soothe your baby’s sensitive skin if it’s already dry, and hibiscus flower extract to help lock in moisture to keep it that way. These things also work together to create a gentle foam that is soft and less irritating to baby’s skin than other body washes that may contain fragrances and dyes (ours doesn’t!). To use, simply massage into baby’s hair and scalp or apply a small amount in a wash cloth to clean your baby’s body. That’s right - you can just use one bottle for baby’s whole body! It cleanses without over drying, and pairs perfectly with our baby lotion for the perfect wintertime (and anytime!) bathtime routine.

Calendula Stick Balm for Babies and Toddlers - $16.00

You’re going to love this balm - it is a diaper bag essential! Our Botanical Therapy Calendula Stick Balm is formulated with natural ingredients to soothe baby’s dry, itchy, or irritated skin. Our Stick Balm is safe for all ages, yet effective, by creating a protective barrier that treats bumpy dry patches and skin irritations. Made with 58% pure Calendula, an extract known for its healing and soothing properties, our balm is ideal for babies with eczema and sensitive skin. Use on baby’s lips, cheeks, chin, hands, or feet! It’s super easy to also use on the diaper area with just a quick swipe. You might want one for yourself too - it works great for moms and the rest of the family, too! It’s perfect to take on-the-go, can be used basically anywhere on the body and grows with your little one. What more could you need?

Mini Muslin Squares - $28.00

These little muslin squares are an essential for every new mom! They come in a pack of 10 and make a super handy burp cloth, gauze wipe for baby’s gums and teeth, a bandana bib, or even baby’s first security blanket. The possibilities are endless with these awesome little squares! They’re made of cotton and are great for on-the-go activities, which make them a diaper bag must-have. Let’s not forget - their designs are an adorable bonus. You’ll be reaching for these for so many reasons, you’ll soon finding out why they come in a pack of 10! They were made using an oxford weave for extra life longevity, and with a 2-ply construction, they are just as breathable and absorbent as they are durable. There are no harsh chemicals or dyes, so these are perfectly safe for even the youngest of babies. We know what you’re thinking: Why all black and white designs? Here’s why: In the beginning stages of life, baby’s eyes aren’t fully developed. This makes simple, high contrasting images easy to see. So, not only are they extremely useful, but they’re perfect for baby’s eyesight and brain development, too!

Hooded Cotton Muslin Towel for Infants and Babies - $38.00

The Dono&Dono double-sided hooded towel wraps your baby in premium, 100% cotton terry, with silky soft cotton muslin on the reverse. They’ll be feeling like they’re at a luxury spa - don’t be too jealous! Unlike other hooded towels, ours is treated with bamboo extract. This makes it naturally deodorizing, antimicrobial, and just overall healthier for baby! The Dono&Dono Hooded Towel is absorbent, durable, and best of all: gentle against baby’s delicate skin to create a positive bath time experience. They’re made of 100% premium cotton terry cloth and treated with a safe, all-natural bamboo process which inhibits the growth of bacteria. The bamboo enhancement treatment creates a fabric that is moisture wicking, deodorizing, and blocks out harmful UV rays. It will also resist static electricity, making it ideal for drier winter months. To top it all off: it is completely natural and safe for all ages!

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March 04, 2019

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