Do You Have an Excitable Kid_ Here Are 3 Tips

Do You Have an Excitable Kid? Here Are 3 Tips

Kids are nothing if not excited and enthusiastic. However, some children can be a little more so than others, to where it becomes an issue to focus and act appropriately. Excitable kids can easily become overwhelmed and emotional, quickly leading to those dreaded tantrums. If you believe you have an excitable kid, this blog is for you. Keep reading to learn more about excitable children and three tips to help keep them feeling happy and comfortable.

Is My Child Excitable?

Kids are naturally excited. You are very well aware of this by now that children can get very excited in certain situations, such as at a birthday party, at the playground, or when meeting new children. However, many children can have trouble containing their excitement in other types of situations that don’t normally call for it.

Is My Child Excitable

Wondering if you have an excitable child? Overexcitement looks different in different situations. For example, some kids can’t wait to be called on in school. They keep waving their hands and calling out, even when others speak. Does this sound familiar?

Kids who get overexcited may also: ( source)

  • Gush over things
  • Take over conversations
  • Talk about something endlessly
  • Interrupt people and speak out of turn
  • Get too physical
  • Be overly confident and optimistic 
  • Be unrealistic about their talents and abilities 
  • Overreact to both bad events and good ones

Three Tips for Your Excitable Child

Excitable kids often do things that are more over-the-top that can seem embarrassing, annoying, or stressful for other children and parents. This can make the excitable child feel left out, teased, or bullied. Luckily, there are ways you can help your excitable child so that they are happy and comfortable in whatever situation they are in.

Give Them a Safe Space

Does your child love to run, jump, and roughhouse? Do they get overwhelmed by bright lights, loud sounds, and more? Giving them a safe space to get all of their sensory and tactile satisfaction will help them way more than punishing them for their antics. Some tips include:

Three Tips for Your Excitable Child

  • Creating a sensory-friendly room - check out this blog for tons of products and ideas to get one started! 
  • Setting up a safe area for them to bounce and jump, such as a trampoline. You can also create a safe area with pillows that allows them to freely jump and tumble. 
  • Safe roughhousing play that is positive, supervised, and complete with safety equipment. This can include enrolling your child in martial arts such as jiu-jitsu or karate to help them get out all their roughhousing in a positive way.

Three Tips for Your Excitable Child (2)
Ensure Healthy Eating, Sleep, and Exercise

Another reason children can act excitable is that they aren’t getting the proper sleep, balanced diet, and exercise.

  • Healthy eating. Make sure your child isn’t eating too much sugar right before bedtime or naptime. This can derail their sleep patterns. In addition, a healthy diet will help regulate their energy levels. If your child is struggling with picky eating habits or eating healthily, we have some great mealtime essentials to help make eating healthy a fun, positive experience.
  • Getting proper sleep. Ensure that your child is getting the proper amount of sleep at night and during the day. If they are at a napping age and are struggling with naps, make sure you work to get that back on track. Give them a bed that is proper for their development, and make it more fun with some sleep essentials that are unique to them.
  • Get plenty of exercise. Excitable children need to get more energy out than other kids, so getting plenty of exercise will help them throughout the day. Get your child excited about sports, visit the playground often, and make sure they move their body daily!

Three Tips for Your Excitable Child
Give Them Sensory Toys

One of the best ways you can immediately help your excitable child when they are experiencing overwhelming feelings is by  giving them a sensory toy. Sensory toys don’t have to be loud, bright, and distracting, either. Some sensory toys, such as the SPIKE Sensory Fish Toy, are quiet and discreet enough to use in a classroom setting.

Fidget toys have been clinically proven to help children with attention and anxiety issues stay focused and calm. The SPIKE Fish is mess-free and quiet, making them ideal for the classroom. They feature durable and soft spikes that provide tactile stimulation for Kinesthetic learners.

SPIKE Sensory Fish
SPIKE Sensory Fish

The SPIKE Fish is every kid's sensory sidekick! Dual Textured: One side has soft, short bristles, and the other has longer and even softer bristles to provide two different sensory experiences. Eye hole allows fish to be easily attached to a carabiner, hooks, and more. Great for the classroom, home, bath, and more!

Made of 100% silicone, the SPIKE Sensory Fish is naturally mold-resistant, quick-drying, and durable. After a day of fidget play, simply pop it in the dishwasher or boil it to sanitize!

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February 19, 2023

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