Moms, teachers, therapists - everyone has an opinion about fidget toys. They're loud, distracting, annoying, take away from the learning experience. But one question has been posed a lot lately: Why do we force our kids to sit still in school?

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More and more research is showing that pushing kids to be still and quiet for hours on end is "going against nature," or really forcing them to be something that they're not. And when they're focusing too hard on being quiet and sitting still, they're actually learning less because of it.

Pencil Topper/Gripper

Children who take movement breaks or are more active actually show a higher cognition and learning level. They process information more quickly and perform better on tests. They even have healthier brains: physical movement keeps blood vessels open and flowing, which supports more brain cells. (We're not making this up: click HERE for the article that compiles a whole bunch of research!)

Here's some research specifically for fidget toys: This article compiles anecdotal and preliminary studies for adults and children. They're not just a fad; consider the fact that stress balls have been around for a long time. They're just evolving. And we've got a new evolution that's a little quieter, and might be a little more helpful.

Spike Spot

Everyone knows about our bath scrub already. It's soft and feels so nice, and is gentle enough for baby's cradle cap. But honestly, you find yourself running your fingers over those little bristles. Your kids love it too. It might even become a bath toy!

Well we decided to expand on that and make a whole line of fidget toys that are super soft, bright and colorful, and best of all - they're quiet.

They're called SPIKE, and they come in dots, pencil grips, and pencil toppers. They're the perfect sensory toys for your kids, and probably for you, too.

 (Believe us, we've got SPIKE toys all over this office. They're living up to the hype.)

The pencil grips give a wider berth for littles to grip if they need some help with holding their pencils. The toppers add more weight. (Also check out this video about fidgets for eating with your sensory littles. IT'S AMAZING.)

The dots have one side full of soft bristles and the other is smooth, creating a wonderful juxtaposition of textures. 

They're quiet. They're bright. They're simple. What's more, they're silicone, so they're easy to sanitize - super important when you're dealing with something that's being touched all day long. They come in big packs, two packs, whatever size works best for you. Head on over to the shop to see what fits for you and your little! 


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