Four Teethers That Are As Beneficial As They Are Adorable

As you may or may not know, not all teethers are created equal. Some can actually be pretty dangerous to your child’s health and oral development, making it essential to find teethers that are not only functional but that your baby will love. Keep reading to find out more about oral development toys and our top four picks for teethers that are as beneficial as they are adorable.

How Can Teethers Be Beneficial?

Many teethers contain toxic chemicals such as BPA, have parts that can choke your baby, or are filled with liquid that can be dangerous if ingested. In addition, many teethers don’t do anything for your child’s oral development. In fact, they can hinder it. Prolonged sucking can lead to issues when it comes time to transition to solid foods, cause speech issues, and cause breathing or sleep apnea problems.

Oral development toys bypass all of the scary and dangerous stuff to give you only what you need: adorable teethers that are beneficial for your baby. Some of the benefits of an oral development toy include:

  • Stimulates the development of the mouth
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination
  • Improve oral motors skills
  • Stimulates the tongue, lip, and cheek muscles
  • Aids in nursing, transitioning to solid foods, drinking from cups, and speech development
  • Soothes sore gums with a variety of textures
  • Thoughtful designs prevent choking while also having the ability to reach those back molars

Teethin' Smart Birthstone Ring Teether

Teethin' Smart Birthstone Ring Teether 

This teether is an adorable way to celebrate your little one’s birth month and also makes the PERFECT baby shower gift! In addition to being adorable and Instagram-worthy, this teether is also award-winning, made of 100% silicone, BPA-, phthalate-, PVC-, latex-, lead-free top-rack dishwasher safe, and freezer safe.

Innobaby’s Teething Ring stimulates muscles of the lips, tongue, and cheek to help improve oral motor skills. The smooth silicone soothes sore gums while strengthening the oral muscles needed for chewing and eating. Featuring smooth, rounded edges and a bendable design, our Teething Ring soothes sensitive gums and even those hard-to-reach molars. The easy-to-grip handle means less frustration for baby and more relief from the pains of teething, even with the chubbiest of hands and fingers.

Teethin' Smart Fruit Teether

Teethin SMART EZ Grip Fruit Teether

Another adorably sweet teether your baby will love (and so will your camera), this fruit teether is held to very highest standards (Conforms to Toy Safety Standard ASTM F963 and EN71) and uses the highest quality TPE available, because Innobaby wants the best for your baby, just like you!

As the winner of multiple awards, the EZ Grip Fruit Teethers aren’t just great for teething pain; they’re considered “training teethers,” which means they’re great for a bunch of different reasons. They stimulate the muscles of the lips, tongue, and cheeks to improve oral motor skills, which aids in nursing, eating solid foods, drinking from cups, and speech development. The light and easy-to-grip handle also improves hand-eye coordination. Giving two to baby will allow for bilateral movement and stimulation of both sides of the brain, as well. It’s also super safe for your baby — the silicone teether is BPA, phthalate, PVC, latex, and lead-free as well as sop rack dishwasher safe and freezer safe!

EZ Grip Star Teether / Oral Sensory Developmental Toy

EZ Grip Star Teether / Oral Sensory Developmental Toy

Chock-full of textures, an easy-to-hold handle, and the ability to reach those back molars without the worry of choking, your little one is going to love our EZ Grip Star Teether / Oral Sensory Developmental Toy!

Super lightweight, award-winning, and made in several adorable colors, this teether is the ultimate oral sensory development toy. Let us brag a bit:

Winner of The National Parenting Center's 2013 Seal of Approval. Named Best of April Box by Citrus Lane & Winner of Best in NY Baby Show 2013. Material: TPE Top-rack dishwasher safe (though hand-washing is also recommended) Freezer safe for extra relief on those sore gums BPA-, phthalate-, PVC-, latex-, lead- free makes it your new best friend just as much as your baby’s!

EZ Grip Flower Rattle Teether / Oral Sensory Developmental Toy

EZ Grip Flower Rattle Teether / Oral Sensory Developmental Toy

A two-in-one rattle and teether that is worth the noise! Innobaby's Award-Winning Teethin' SMART Massaging Flower Rattle Teether offers an easy-to-grip handle and lightweight design for even the youngest teethers.

The unique dual-sided shape and textured petals offer gentle relief for swollen, sore, and tender gums. The soft and flexible design reaches all parts of the mouth for a thorough and gentle gum massage while stimulating oral sensory nerves for improved speech and oral development. Created to be safe for your baby, our teether is designed with ventilated breathing holes for safety while the baby chews. Innobaby's Teethin' SMART Massaging Teethers are a safe, toxic-free way to help babies satisfy their teething needs. BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC free. Research shows improving oral motor skills aids effective nursing, develops proper muscles for eating solids and drinking liquids with a cup, and improves speech. Did we mention? It’s also top-shelf dishwasher and freezer safe!

Teethin' Smart

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