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Is Mealtime a Struggle?

Toddler Moms: Is your little one having a tough time with meals? Whether they are a picky eater, won’t sit still, or a combination of both, it can be such a battle every day to simply just get your little one some food that they will eat. If you are on the mealtime struggle bus, we are here to help. Innobaby has tons of tips and great products specially designed for kiddos who have a tough time at mealtime. Keep reading to learn our favorite hacks to make mealtime fun and the three products you need that will help them start enjoying mealtime!

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Making Mealtime Fun

Make sure your kiddo isn’t just surviving mealtime but that they are thriving, too! Mealtime CAN be fun, even for the pickiest of eaters or the wiggliest of toddlers. Here are some of our best hacks: 

  • Include them. Yes, this might mean that dinner prep will take a few extra minutes and, as parents, this can be tough to give. However, including your little one throughout the prep and cooking process will make them more inclined to try the food they’re being served.
  • Give them the right tools.Are you giving your little one the same tableware that you use? They should use age-appropriate utensils, plates, bowls, and more to ensure they aren’t struggling to eat.
  • Ease into it. If your little one will pretty much only eat PB&J, Goldfish crackers, or chips, give them what they want and also serve them a small serving of something new. Too many new things may be too overwhelming, and they may need to take, well, baby steps.

Products You Need

As mentioned, it is important to ensure your toddler has age-appropriate tableware and tools. It can be easy to offer them the same stuff you use, but it is important to consider their development and abilities. Once they have tools that are not only easy for them to use but are fun and functional, too, they will be much more excited for mealtime!


Give them a lunchbox that is uniquely their own with a perfectly portioned silicone bento tray for them to eat all their favorite foods and some new stuff, too!

  • Made with Platinum Silicone: This material does not require plasticizers for its pliability. It's pure and heat resistant so you can stop worrying about chemicals leaching into food when warming food.
  • Make Lunchtime Fun: Watch your kids, even the pickiest eaters, finish their healthy meals by making their lunchtime fun, thanks to the interactive FlexCharms that will keep them entertained! Reward your healthy eaters with their favorite charms!
  • Customizable Decoration: FlexCharm comes in a variety of shapes & colors, allowing kids to explore and reward healthy mealtime in a fun way! Made with flexible & durable silicone, the charms are easy to wash & dry for your child's next interactive playtime.
  • Leak-Proof Protection & Air Tight: Enjoy leak-proof protection without the need for rubber seals, thanks to a 2-in-1 silicone plate that doubles as a leakproof seal. Join our mission to create a worry-free & sensible lunchbox that does not mold or leak and encourages healthy & waste-free meals. Win-Win for parents & kids!
  • Microwavable & Oven Safe: A tray is made with heat-resistant & BPA-Free platinum grade silicone. Simply remove the tray and reheat. Safe for oven use. Safe to microwave.



FLEX&LOCK FlexWarez Spoon & Fork Set
FLEX&LOCK FlexWarez Spoon & Fork Set

Is your kiddo struggling with utensils? They can officially stop eating with their hands once they get a hold of our FlexWarez set!

The ergonomically designed utensil set works with FlexCharmz™ so kids can easily decorate and personalize their feeding sets. Pair up with FlexBox™ and make it a set. With many charm design options to choose from, we make rewarding healthy eating habits super easy and lunchtime fun, even for the picky eaters!

  • Make Lunchtime Fun: Let your kids' imaginations run wild and let 'em play a little. With add-on Flexcharms™ (sold separately), you can add a little charm to your kids' mealtime.
  • Decorate & Personalize: Push & Pop silicone charms to the handle. Choose from a variety of silicone FlexCharmz™ and collect them all!
  • Reward Picky Eaters: Got picky eaters or toddlers learning how to self-feed? We make praising & rewarding easy and fun for your family! 
  • Promote Self-Feeding: The ergonomically designed handle is easy on the kids' hands, while a zigzag fork minimizes food from slipping.


FLEXNLOCK FlexWarez Spoon & Fork Set

Products You Need to Serve Hot Food to Toddlers_Din Din Smart DIY Stainless Steel Cup
Innobaby Din Din SMART DIY Stainless Cup

Our kid-friendly stainless cup is a plastic-free, sustainable drinkware made for a sippy-to-cup transition period. Kids can pick their favorite decorative strip and personalize the cup - they can even color, too!

The removable silicone ring provides lip protection from extreme temperatures and aids oral development. An ergonomically designed cup is versatile, easy on the little hands, and easy to wash. Kids will love decorating their plain stainless cups with their favorite designs & colorings. Making mealtime fun has never been easier!

By reusing stainless steel cups, kids build the habit of reusing cups and reducing single-use plastic waste. Best of all, our quality BPA-free stainless-steel material will not rust nor leech unwanted chemicals into the drinks, whether hot or cold, making it a safer & smarter choice for everyday use. Stain-resistant stainless cups are versatile and suitable for all kinds of beverages and snacks. Enjoy fresh sips of water, juice, smoothies, shakes and much more! The stainless-steel material keeps drinks fresh for longer periods. Enjoy hassle-free cleaning and odor and stain-resistant cups for years to come.

Encourage creativity, sustainability, and a healthy lifestyle from early on for kids while making parents happy with its easy-to-wash and eco-friendly design!

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