Is Your Toddler Ready for an Open Cup

Is Your Toddler Ready for an Open Cup?

Ready to make the switch to an open cup? Transitioning our kiddos to and from different stages — breast, bottle, sippy cup, water bottle, and beyond — is always a journey, but can still be done with ease and enthusiasm. Even if your kiddo is a picky eater, has a favorite sippy cup they can’t go anywhere without, or demands a certain water bottle, you CAN get them to love the open cup! If you’re ready to have your toddler start drinking from an open cup, keep reading for what to expect, some tips for the transition, and the best stainless steel toddler open cup to help make it easy and fun!

Is Your Toddler Ready for an Open Cup
What to Expect

As with most things throughout parenting, there are certain things you can expect to happen when switching things up in your child’s life. For transitioning to an open cup, these include:

  • Messes. Your kiddo is bound to make some spills when learning how to drink from an open cup. This is totally normal! Start by using only water in the open cup to minimize sticky and stinky messes or stains.
  • Tantrums. Just another day, right? Your toddler might get frustrated through the process and want to revert back to their familiar sippy cup or water bottle. Just remind them that it is okay to make mistakes and hype them up when they do a great job.
  • There is no “best time”! Wondering what the signs are that your little one is ready for an open cup? There is no better or worse time. Just pick what is right for you and your family and go with it. Some babies as young as six months can start sipping from an open cup, while for most kids, it happens at around age 2 or 3.

Tips for Transitioning to an Open Cup

Making the transition to an open cup doesn’t have to be a scary thing—for parents OR toddlers! Luckily, there are some very easy tips and helpful products to help get you there in no time.

  • Start small. Start by putting a few ounces in the open cup and offer a straw with it. They will earn how to balance the cup in their hands while minimizing messes and panic while also working on their sucking technique.
  • Lead by example. Water bottles are so easy to use, and, as moms, we tend to be glued to our trendy Stanleys! Make sure you use an open cup around your little one as much as possible to demo how it's done so they can learn from a master.
  • Make it fun! At Innobaby, we are all about making mealtime fun! Our entire line of mealtime essentials is geared toward making mealtime a positive experience, and this includes drinks, too!

Din Din Smart DIY Stainless Steel Cup
Din Din Smart DIY Stainless Steel Cup

Ready to give your toddler exactly what they need to start drinking from an open cup? Meet the Din Din Smart DIY Stainless Steel Cup!

Innobaby’s kid-friendly stainless cup is a plastic-free, sustainable drinkware made for the sippy-to-cup transition period. The best part? Kids can pick their favorite decorative strip and personalize the cup - they can even color it, too! Kids will love decorating their plain stainless cups with their favorite designs & colorings. Making mealtime fun has never been easier!

This unique cup comes with a removable silicone ring, which provides lip protection from extreme temperatures and aids oral development. This ergonomically designed cup is versatile, easy on the little hands, and easy to wash.

By reusing stainless steel cups, kids build the habit of reusing cups and reducing single-use plastic waste. Best of all, our quality BPA-free stainless steel material will not rust nor leech unwanted chemicals into the drinks, whether hot or cold, making it a safer & smarter choice for everyday use. Stain-resistant stainless cups are versatile and suitable for all kinds of beverages and snacks. Enjoy fresh sips of water, juice, smoothies, shakes and much more! The stainless steel material keeps drinks fresh for longer periods, and the durability of stainless steel means you can enjoy hassle-free cleaning and odor and stain-resistant cups for years to come.

Din Din Smart DIY Stainless Steel Cup

  • PLASTIC FREE DRINKWARE: Made with rust-resistant food grade 18/10 stainless steel - durable, sustainable, and reliable material for hot and cold drinks. Unlike plastic cups, there is no need to replace cups with scratches or stains anymore! Buy once and use it for years to come without the guilt.
  • MUST-HAVE TRANSITION CUP: Our "grown-up" cup for the little hands is made with 304-type stainless steel with kids in mind. The unique design keeps the cup's weight nicely distributed for added stability, while the silicone ring around the lip makes sipping more comfortable. Enjoy cool spring water, handcrafted smoothie drinks, chocolate-infused lattes, and more.
  • EASY TO DECORATE & PERSONALIZE: Comes with customizable bands & a silicone ring to make decorating and sipping easier! The paper bands make holding stainless cups easier despite temperature changes, whether warm or cold. Let kids decorate & promote independent feeding and boost their confidence! Weaning from bottle & sippy can be less stressful when kids can have fun! Includes (3) pre-designed bands and (3) coloring bands
  • EASY TO WASH: There are no complicated parts. Simply load empty cups in the dishwasher or wash them by hand. The stainless material is super durable and withstands wear & tear. Easy to care for and long-lasting.

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