Mold Alert: Throw Away Your Bath Toys!

As you know, mold is not only disgusting, but it can have some health impacts on you and your children. We would be horrified to ever expose our children to mold; however, chances are: Your bath toys are already doing it. This is your sign to toss your bath toys and get your hands on some worry-free, anti-microbial bath toys for a healthier bath experience. Keep reading to learn more about how often bath toys should be replaced and the products you need to give your kiddo worry-free and healthy baths!

How Often Should Bath Toys Be Replaced?

If you have had the same bath toys for months, or even years, grab them as fast as you can and toss them in the trash! A study by ABC News examined various bath toys sent in by parents and found mold and bacteria on 100 percent of them—and many also had traces of fecal matter. (source: ABC News)

Unless you’re cleaning your bath toys with either vinegar or bleach twice a week (and who REALLY has time to be doing this?), your bath toys are definitely part of that statistic. In addition, bath toys should be completely replaced every six months or more.

Mold and germs on toys can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and other health problems. And while mold affects people of all ages, it can wreak havoc on those with weak immune systems, such as children. (source: The Maids)

Alternative Healthy Bath Toys

If your bath toys have little holes in the bottom, you’re going to want to pay extra close attention to making sure they are clean and taken care of, as well as replaced every six months or more. Honestly, that is pretty tough to do and keep track of as a parent.

Alternative Healthy Bath Toys

One of the easiest ways you can have a worry-free bath experience for your kids is to give them naturally antimicrobial bath toys, and Innobaby has an entire line of them.

Innobaby Silicone Fish Bath Scrub

Innobaby Silicone Bath Scrubs

Are you still using loofahs or washcloths? Those puppies get just as nasty as bath toys do.

Our award-winning Bathin’ Smart Silicone Bath Scrub gently washes and massages baby’s scalp, creating a calming and therapeutic bath time experience. Made from 100% Silicone, it is naturally resistant to mold and is even dishwasher safe (no more stinky washcloths)!

The unique double-sided scrub features shorter strands on one side, great for massaging cradle cap, and longer strands for scrubbing on the reverse. The grow-with-me bath scrub also doubles as a quiet and mess-free fidget toy for kids ages six years and up.

Here’s the lowdown:
  • GENTLE ON BABY'S SKIN - Soft enough for even the smallest babies and gentle on your newborn's delicate skin. Our Silicone Fish Scrub also helps remove stubborn cradle cap and exfoliates dry skin.
  • MADE FROM 100% SILICONE - Silicone is naturally mold and mildew-resistant and easy to clean. Plus, it can be boiled for a deep cleaning.
  • CREATES A SOOTHING LATHER - Thousands of soft silicone bristles massage and soothe baby for a calming bath time experience.
  • DITCH THE STINKY WASHCLOTHS - say goodbye to your smelly loofah, toss the mildew-filled sponges in the trash, and say YES to our naturally safe Silicone Fish Scrub.
  • NOT JUST FOR BABIES - The soft silicone strands also create a gentle massage for sore breasts as a result of breastfeeding. Toddlers love using the Silicone Fish scrub too!

Look for other fun shape bath scrubs!

Spike Sensory Bubble Play Skin Happy Botanical Bubbles & Blower Set

Blowing bubbles in the bath? Yep! Our botanical solution is mess-free, non-sticky, and perfect for bathtime fun without having to worry about mold or mildew.

Say hello to SPIKE’s Sensory Bubble Play! This sensory bubble toy gives tons of bubbles without the mess or soapy gooey residue. Perfect for sensory play, learning, bubble therapy, the classroom, birthday parties, special events, and more, this uniquely designed bubble system is non-toxic, calming, and worry-free for parents. Made with plant extracts, coconut oil, and purified water, this bubble toy is easy on sensitive skin.

If your toddler loves bubbles, but you hate the mess and constantly dipping a wand into a messy jug, you’re going to love how simple, easy, and mess-free this bubble blower is! Simply pour bubble solution into the tray, dip, and twirl the blower, and start blowing bubbles!

Here’s why this set is so great:
  • EASY ON YOUR SKIN: Safer bubbles made with botanical ingredients for cleaner bubble play. Say no to harsh soap & detergents.
  • SIMPLE FOR KIDS TO USE: Uniquely designed bubble blower makes lip rounding exercises easier & more fun!
  • GREAT FOR DEVELOPMENT: Great for speech therapy, oral & motor developmental exercises, visual tracking & spatial awareness development.
  • FUN WITHOUT THE MESS: Oodles of long-lasting, mess-free bubbles make birthday parties, weddings & special events more memorable.

Our botanical solution is mess-free, non-sticky! Shop now

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