Rainy Day Indoor Play Guide

If you have active kids and bad weather is heading your way, you know how hard it can be to try and entertain your kids throughout the day. While there is no shame in giving in to a little extra screen time during these types of moments, it is also important to have some great indoor-friendly activities ready to go to keep your kids occupied, stimulated, and tired at nap time. Keep reading for our favorite rainy day indoor play activities, as well as the indoor-friendly (and toddler-friendly!) bubble wand and botanical bubble solution that will quickly become your rainy day MVP.

Indoor-Friendly Play Ideas

Kids can pretty quickly tire of their regular toys, coloring, and books during a long, rainy day. That’s why it is always important to make sure you’ve got a fun backup plan for when boredom hits. Doing activities inside that you would normally never do is a great way to keep your kids entertained and stimulated, even on the most boring days.

Fun with Boxes

Rather than breaking down and recycling all your Amazon boxes, stockpile some of them to save for a rainy day, literally! There are a ton of things you can do with boxes to entertain your kids.

Box painting

Box painting

Grab your old shipment boxes, stack them up, and tape them together with duct tape or masking tape. Roll out a splat mat, grab some paint, and let your kiddo go to town!

Sensory box

Sensory box

A great way to make a sensory box is by saving old McDonald’s toys, scarves, art supplies, feathers, and more to keep inside the box. Hot glue some old tissue boxes and/or wipe packs to the outside of the box, and let your little one have a ton of fun sorting everything out.

Busy box

busy box

Create a busy box with your toddler by cutting out different shapes on the sides of the box, hot gluing different materials such as zippers, magnets, and ties, and watch as they play the afternoon away!

    Working in the Kitchen

    Having your toddler help you in the kitchen can normally be a headache, but on a rainy day when you are stuck inside, just remind yourself that you’ve got lots of time today to get messy and have a little fun.

    Working in the Kitchen

    • Help with chores: Have your toddler learn how to be a big helper by assisting you with the dishwasher or wiping surfaces. Not into it? Bait them with a little reward at the end!
    • Get baking: Yes, this will get messy—but that’s okay. Make some rainy-day cookies, pancakes, or banana bread with your little one to use up some time and make some delicious treats for lunch.
    • Sink play: Grab a chair or stepstool and let your little one go nuts in the sink! All you need to do is grab some simple cups, bowls, Tupperware, soap, food coloring, or water-friendly toys and let your little one splash away.

    Transform Your Living Room

    One of the best core memories as a kid was when our parents let us build forts, obstacle courses, have dance parties, or put on plays in the living room. When it’s raining outside, it's a great opportunity to push the couch out of the way and let your toddlers take over for the day.

    Building forts

    Transform Your Living Room

    There are tons of fort kits available online that you can keep for a rainy day. However, there is nothing better than good ol’ blankets and large pillows! It is especially helpful if you have a large ottoman or coffee table to use as an edge to create a fun tunnel.

    Indoor obstacle course

    Transform Your Living Room

    Still have those old Amazon boxes lying around? Tape them together to create a tunnel if you don’t already have one! Grab some chairs and pillows to create a simple obstacle course, and watch your little one grow their motor skills while having a blast.

      Get Out the Bubbles

      Get Out the Bubbles

      Bubbles are universally loved by babies, toddlers, and kids of all ages but often universally loathed by parents! They’re messy, drippy, and tough on skin.

      Not anymore!

      Skin-happy, mess-free bubbles are here: Say hello to SPIKE’s Sensory Bubble Play! Our bubbles are long-lasting & mess-free without the soapy gooey residue. Perfect for kids with skin sensitivity, sensory play, bubble therapy, classrooms, birthday parties, special events, and more! Made with non-toxic worry worry-free botanical ingredients, our bubble solution will not dry out your skin or cause stickiness.

      SPIKE’s Sensory Bubble Play

      Our bubble blower is toddler-friendly, too, which means Mom and Dad aren’t stuck dealing with dunking a drippy wand for hours on end. Quickly teach your toddler how to dip, twirl, and blow bubbles all by themselves.

      • EASY ON THE SKIN: Safer bubbles made with botanical ingredients without harsh detergent for a cleaner bubble play. Doesn't get sticky or dry out sensitive skin.
      • FUN WITHOUT THE MESS: Say no to sticky & gooey bubbles and say hello to mess-free bubbles! These bubbles are formulated to perfection with plant extracts, coconut oil, purified water, and other quality ingredients.
      • TESTED FOR SAFETY: Meets or Exceeds CPSC, EU, Canada, TRA (Toxicological Risk Assessment), and LHAMA (Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act) safety standards.
      • IDEAL FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Non-sticky and non-toxic bubbles are great for indoors & outdoors. Made for SPIKE BUBBLE WAND or manual blowers.
      • EASY TO CLEAN: No more sticky or gooey residues! Simply wipe and dry any wet surfaces with a dry cloth.

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