Oh, beaches. 

Spring break. Just saying it evokes pictures of daiquiris, napping on the beach, romantic dinners...

Just kidding. 

Chances are your littles aren't going to be thrilled about you lounging around, and they'll probably need a little of your attention. And we all know how stressful traveling with kids can be. Long gone are the days of wondering just how many pairs of sandals can fit in your suitcase - you've got to figure out how to get their stuff in there too, how to feed them in the car or on the plane, and how to keep them calm. 

We can't get them to sit still - sorry! - but we can make the rest of it a little easier. 

The pressure changes in airplanes during takeoff or landing is annoying at best, painful at worst. We can chew gum, suck on mints, etc., but obviously we can't suggest that for baby. So giving them something to chew on or drink is super helpful: 

Check out our bottles for the littlest ones (pure silicone and mimics breastfeeding, how awesome), and checkout Aquaheat - portable bottle heating, no batteries or electricity required. (Yea, we know - genius. And yes, we've carried them on airplanes. It's fine.) The heat pods are biodegradable, so they're eco-friendly, and the stainless steel is food grade and so easy to clean. Here are some sippy cups for the toddlers, too. And for the teething, which can be a nightmare all on its own, we have the cutest teethers. (We're kind of obsessed with the new Birthstone Ring Teethers.)

Side note - we always like to talk a little bit about teether safety. Obviously you're not leaving your baby unattended with toys they're putting in their mouths, but even so, safety is imperative. A lot of brands don't worry enough about safety certifications. We bought one that looked awfully similar to ours once, but it was so tiny it made us nervous. Our teethers adhere to Toy Safety Standards ASTM F963 and EN71, and are made of the best materials so they won't crack or break. Besides that, they're adorable and have won a bunch of awards, so you know you're getting the best. 

Snacks on the go? No problem: check out our stackers. You can put all the good stuff in there, from Cheerios to M&Ms, and even powder formula. The twisting stackers are pretty great too - they're for dry food or liquids, though obviously on a plane you should be careful with that. (It was hard enough getting to the airport on time without pulling a Home Alone, right?! Don't get even more delayed.)

These were some of first things that innobaby founders Jee and Kristen ever produced. There's a reason they're still some of our favorites - and most popular. They're also award winners: the National Parenting Media Award and iParenting Media Award, to be specific. 

And finally, our newest (and dare we say, most fun) new addition: the Chicken Plate. It's divided and suctions to surfaces so well, there definitely won't be any plate-chucking on vacation this time. But what makes it so good for travel? It's 100% silicone - not only easy to clean, but flexible, so it can roll up and get stuck in your bag. And really, look how cluckin' cute it is: 

We have so many options to make your spring break more relaxing. Or at least easier. If you keep them happy, maybe you can sneak a margarita in there, or at least an extra cup of coffee that you probably need if you're going to hit the pool. Or the park. Or the baseball game. So many activities, so little time. 

So remember this Spring Break: take care of yourself, too! Happy mamas make for happy babies (or maybe it's the opposite?!), so have fun! Make your life as easy as possible. 

If you want to see how Aquaheat works (seriously, it's pretty awesome) check it out HERE. (Click on the video tab. You'll love it. I promise.)

December 21, 2023

Photo: © via canva.com