Toddler Mom Summer Cleaning Hacks

Summer offers no shortage of fun! Between beach trips, weekends at the lake, parks galore, summer camp madness, and playing in the dirt outside, our toddlers are having plenty of fun! However, usually, big fun equals big mess, which is not as fun for parents to clean up. If you’re looking for ways to make your life a little bit easier while cleaning your toddler after a fun-filled day, we’re here to help! Keep reading for our best toddler mom summer cleaning hacks and the best multi-use products you can get to save yourself some headaches.

The Bigger The Mess, The Bigger The Fun

Messy toddlers are a part of life! Exploring is part of their nature and development, which means that the bigger the mess they make, the bigger the fun they’ve just had. While it can be a little annoying for us parents sometimes, this is your reminder to let your kids get messy and let us help you clean it up!

Sand, Sand, and More Sand

If there is one thing all parents universally hate to deal with, it is SAND! It gets absolutely everywhere, and it seems like once it enters your car, stroller, or shoes, it is nearly impossible to get it all out. If you’re heading to the beach or lake this summer and are looking for a great way to minimize the impact, we’ve got the best solution for you.

Innobaby’s Fish Scrub has thousands of little bristles that gently and easily brush sand off of your kiddos. No need to brave the public beach shower or cover your kids in baby powder, this scrub will do the same job with no mess! Keep it in your stroller, diaper bag, or beach bag for easy cleanup all summer long.

Innobaby Silicone Fish Bath Scrub (2 - Pack) - innobaby

The best part? It is multi-use and can be used as a bath or shower scrub and a sensory fidget toy!

GENTLE ON BABY'S SKIN Soft enough for even the smallest babies and gentle on your newborn's delicate skin. Our Silicone Fish Scrub also helps remove stubborn cradle cap and exfoliates dry skin.
MADE FROM 100% SILICONE Silicone is naturally mold and mildew-resistant and easy to clean. It can also be boiled for a deep cleaning.
CREATES A SOOTHING LATHER Thousands of soft silicone bristles massage and soothe baby for a calming bath time experience.
DITCH THE STINKY WASHCLOTHS Say goodbye to your smelly loofah, toss the mildew-filled sponges in the trash, and say YES to our naturally safe Silicone Fish Scrub.
NOT JUST FOR BABIES The soft silicone strands also gently massage sore breasts caused by breastfeeding. Toddlers love using the Silicone Fish scrub, too!

Dirt From Under the Nails

If your toddler tends to get tons of dirt under their nails after playing with dump trucks on a dirty “job site” or a day at the park, you’re going to want to grab our Mini Fish Scrub!

Originally developed for newborn babies to get rid of cradle cap and dry skin, it can also be used for a ton of other things around the house! Thousands of microbristles gently brush all the dirt away from your toddler’s nails, and it can also be used as a facial scrub or fidget toy!

The best part? It has a suction cup on the back, so you can stick it right to your sink or shower wall!

OVER 3,000 MICRO BRISTLES Gently massage away stubborn cradle cap naturally with our mini fish. With over 3,000 ultra-fine micro bristles and additional massaging bumps on the reverse to break up and remove dry flakes on baby's scalp.
EASY TO HOLD The suction cup design makes it easy to grasp securely while bathing the baby. BONUS: The suction cup sticks to the side of the tub, shower, or any smooth surface, perfect for drying and storage.
MOLD AND MILDEW RESISTANT Made in South Korea from 100% Silicone, it will not harbor smells, stains, or mildew. Quick-drying silicone is also dishwasher safe and safe to boil for a deep cleaning.
CREATES A GENEROUS LATHER Our product testers loved how easily the mini scrub created a voluminous, soapy lather, and you will too because you will use less product!
ANYONE CAN USE IT Silicone Mini Fish is perfect for the whole family! Use it as a massaging cleanser for babies and toddlers, or mom can use it too as a facial scrub to gently exfoliate dry skin.

Drippy, Sticky Bubble Solution

Bubbles are universally loved by every baby, toddler, and big kid. However, bubble machines can overflow and become a mess, dipping the wand in the jug endlessly can be annoying and messy, and somehow, your kid will always get covered with that sticky solution.

The best way to avoid drippy, sticky bubble solution all over your child? Use mess-free bubbles!

Innobaby Spike Bubble Blower with Mess Free Botanical Bubbles and Dipping Tray - innobaby

Innobaby’s botanical bubble solution is mess-free, pops dry, is never sticky, and is great for sensitive skin. We’re even brave enough to tell you to use it INSIDE!

Plus, the bubble wand is so easy to use that even your toddler can do it all by themselves! The bubble tray stays upright (no more holding those wands or jugs), and they can dip, twirl, and blow all by themselves with no backflow!

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