There are few sweeter rites of passage kids experience than transitioning to a big kid bed! There are many ways to get your little one excited about transitioning, including talking it up, counting down the days, redecorating their room and - of course - getting a beautiful, exciting bed for them to look forward to! Only you and your little one will know when the time is finally right, and as exciting as it may seem, it can also be a little unexpectedly scary. Suddenly, you’ll notice your child is convinced that monsters live under the bed and in the closet. Since children feel much more exposed than they used to in their crib, some sleep regression might happen. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Milo & Gabby products to make the switch from crib to bed as exciting and fun as possible so they’ll never want to get out!

Our Favorite Crib To Bed Transition Products

Imagine your little one’s face when they open the door to their room to see their big kid bed for the very first time! It’s a memory that they will always remember, so make it super sweet with products they will love. We’ve made it easy on you by making this handy shopping list you can work off of, or send the link around to friends or family!

Animal 3D Pillowcase for Toddlers and Kids - $38.00

The original Milo&Gabby’s animal-shaped pillow cases are sure to capture your little one’s heart and imagination! Made with high-quality materials such as ultra-soft 320-thread count sateen cotton, your child will have nothing but sweet dreams with this pillow friend by their side. It’s cool to the touch and the soft silk will carry your child to sleep in no time. Sized just right for your growing toddler, our pillowcase measures 20" x 27" and is compatible with our exclusive Milo&Gabby Pillow insert (sold separately). Our pillowcases coordinate with the entire line of Milo&Gabby comforters, blankets, security blankets, sleeping bags and even toddler backpacks. They come in 14 different patterns, so you are sure to find one that your little one will love. They are also super easy to clean - simply unzip, remove the pillow, and toss the pillowcase in the washing machine. Done! They’re also 100% Cotton and recommended for ages 4 years and up.

Cotton Jacquard Quilted Toddler Comforter - $168.00

This Milo & Gabby comforter isn’t just soft and cuddly - it features your child’s favorite animal characters in adorable settings! At 41” x 51”, t’s the perfect size for your toddler’s bed, making transitioning into their big kid bed fun and easy. The mini-stuffed Milo & Gabby friend attached to the comforter even gives your little one a friend to cuddle up with! The Cotton Jacquard Quilted Toddler Comforter is made of Jacquard fabric, which is constructed through a weaving process that makes it not only sturdy, but also very soft. This will give you and your little one many years of cuddling up in bed to come! The process also incorporates family safe FRESiL silver ions into the fibers, the filling is naturally antibacterial, deodorizing and allergy friendly - all without the use of harmful chemicals. Not only will your little one’s big kid bed be super cute and cuddly, it’ll be good for them, too!

Toddler Cotton Quilted Comforter - $148.00

This Milo & Gabby Toddler Cotton Quilted Comforter is silky soft and lightweight, which will make it your child’s favorite blanket year-round. It’s generously sized, and will fit your toddler’s bed perfectly. These cotton quilted comforters features Milo & Gabby’s adorable animal characters, and even have a mini-stuffed friend attached to make bed time even more cuddly and fun. Not only is this comforter soft and adorable, it provides a safer sleeping environment for your child thanks to FRESiL’s innovative Silver Ion Technology. By incorporating safe silver ions into the fibers, the filling becomes naturally antibacterial, deodorizing, durable, and allergy friendly, all without the use of harmful chemicals! Not only will your little one be resting easy, but so will you knowing they will be surrounded by a healthy blanket.

Kids Pillow Insert, Hypoallergenic and Machine Washable - $34.00

Our Kids Pillow Insert is not only sized perfectly to fit our Milo & Gabby kids pillowcase, but it is also encased in silver-embedded microfiber. That means it is breathable, hypoallergenic and offers the natural antibacterial properties to provide ultimate comfort and protection. Hypoallergenic microfiber fill is as light as down, giving your child a light, comfy place to rest their head. It is also highly resilient, to offer premium lasting support with maximum comfort. It won’t go flat like other pillows, and it will keep its shape for a long time! It comes complete with a zipper closure, so you can adjust the height of the pillow as your child grows by removing or adding the filling as you see fit. The Kids Pillow measures 20" x 28" and fits in our Milo & Gabby Original Animal Pillowcase (sold separately). This microfiber pillowcase is machine washable, all you need to do is put it in a gentle cycle with cold water, then lay flat to dry.

3D Animal Shaped Blanket - $158.00

Your little one is sure to get a huge smile on their face when they see this comforter on their big kid bed for the very first time! This super soft and snuggly toddler sized comforter is styled to look like a fun Milo & Gabby animal character friend. It’s brought to life with a beautiful, detailed 3D quilting in either Lola, Dylan or Tom and colors to match any big kid’s room! There’s even a mini-stuffed friend attached to cuddle up with - how cute! The blanket is 39” x 51”, made of 100% cotton and the filling is 100% polyester making it easy to clean. All you need to do is machine wash on cold cycle, then tumble dry on low. Your kids will love snuggling up with the ears and various 3D parts of the blanket, and pairs perfectly with our collection of pillows. It’s the perfect addition to every kid’s room, and will last you many years of snuggles to come!

Flannel Cotton Double-Sided Cozy Blanket - $68.00

This Milo & Gabby cozy blanket is made of snuggly, warm flannel on one side and ultra-plush velvet on the other. This makes it the perfect blanket to cuddle up with in the winter! Your favorite Milo & Gabby animal characters are featured in adorable new scenery, and will pair perfectly with your other Milo & Gabby bedding. Each blanket features a mini-stuffed Milo & Gabby friend attached to play with and cuddle up to at bed time! This blanket isn’t just adorable, though. It also provides a safer sleeping environment for your child. By incorporating green tea extracts into the fibers, the fabric is antibacterial, deodorizing, and allergy friendly, all without the use of harmful chemicals. The blanket comes in 8 different patterns, including Dylan in Rocket, Dylan’s Garden, Shadow Lola, Lola in Space, Lola’s Garden, Tom’s Garden, Lucy’s Garden and Shadow Dylan!

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