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Cleanin' SMART 2-in-1 Silicone Bottle Brush - Green

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Cleanin' SMART 2-in-1 Silicone Bottle Brush - Green


 Innobaby Cleanin' SMART 2-in-1 Bottle Brush

This 2-in-1 bottle brush will be the last bottle brush you need. Its soft and flexible design allow it to reach every corner of every bottle. The integrated tip will flex to a 90-degree angle so there’s no nook or cranny it won’t gently clean, including bottle nipples.

Say “no more!” to sponges and dish rags that harbor smelly and harmful bacteria. The brush is dishwasher safe, and the top pops right off so you can sanitize by boiling! It’s 100% silicone, which means it’s antibacterial, easy to clean, and can just be shaken off when you’re done washing dishes to dry quickly.

Other details :

  • Made in South Korea
  • BPA-, phthalate-, PVC-, lead- free

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  1. Great bottle cleaner

    Posted by Ali on May 18th 2020

    This brush fits in all bottles and nipples, and is easy to store. We use it to clean much more than just baby products.

  2. Great product

    Posted by Datevig Tegeleci on May 21st 2019

    This has been so easy to clean our bottles with, and the tip is perfect for getting to the tip of the bottle nipples to make sure they're extra clean. I like that you can sterilize it and that it's made out of silicone so it's antibacterial and won't mold, mildew, or smell.

  3. Easily fits into any container & doesn?? smell!

    Posted by Nikinicole1224 on May 7th 2019

    I will admit, there is a learning curve on this, as it doesn?? sud as much as a ??ormal??bottle brush. That being said, this one stays cleaner I feel like, as it doesn?? have the hard bristles that hold food pieces. Bends to get in the bottom of any container, which is helpful. I do wish there were a travel size one of these, as it would be helpful on vacations and such. :) Super glad I bought it.

  4. Easy to clean silicone brush

    Posted by jintoki82 on Apr 17th 2019

    I like this silicone bottle brush since it is easy to clean. The fact that I can remove the brush head and sanitize it is important to me. I like knowing that I am using a clean brush to clean the baby bottles. It's got a flexible tip so I can get all the way into the bottom edges of an 8 oz bottle. The only thing I would caution is to not use a lot of strength or pressure when cleaning with the brush as I did experience a tear at the tip within 2 months of use once. I had to get a replacement brush. The replacement has lasted longer than 2 months.

  5. Best brush

    Posted by Katt69 on Apr 17th 2019

    I bought 2 of these for my Gbaby. They worked really well and did not leave that bit of film in the bottles that you sometimes can get when washing them. These brushes didn't develop a smell like some do and that made me very happy. I now plan on making them a part of my baby shower baskets when I make them and give them away. Great brush.

  6. Cleans bottles and nipples quickly

    Posted by shauny2000 on Apr 15th 2019

    I have used other silicone bottle brushes before and was never satisfied. I was reluctant to try it but I was highly recommended by another friend so I did. Never will I go back to dirty sponge bottle brushes! This works!!! 2in1 feature is convenient. Never have to interchange brushes to clean nipples. All integrated in one brush! Love it!

  7. Easy to use for cleaning bottles

    Posted by Hendrika on Apr 15th 2019

    I really love this 2 in 1 silicone bottle brush! I have twin toddlers boys and a 9 year old son and I have a lot of sippy cups and water bottles to clean every day. I used to clean all the bottles and even our own water bottles with a bottle brush with sponges on it. These brushes get dirty and moldy and don?? hold up well at all. This brush is easy to use and cleans the bottles well because of the flexible pointed tip of the brush which fits into tight spaces and cleans everything so well. The brush is easy to clean and is dishwasher and microwave safe. This brush is made from quality silicone and will last me a long time. If you wash bottles and dishes this is all you will need! I really recommend this brush! #innobaby #cleaninsmart #jolimolibrands #brandrep #ilovejolimoli #babybottle #waterbottle #breastmilk @jolimolibrands #brandambassador

  8. Versatile and sturdy

    Posted by Lphilhower on Apr 10th 2019

    I wish I had found this brush sooner. We always had problems with other brushes getting gross after a while. Since this is silicone it?? easy to sanitize in the dishwasher. It holds its shape and resists mildew. I actually found it helps clean some of the books and crannies in my top loading washing machine as well. This will take you from the newborn stage all the way through school age.

  9. My favorite bottle cleaner

    Posted by Tinettalee on Apr 10th 2019

    This is the best bottle cleaner!! I love how long the handle is. I can clean all the parts of the baby bottles and my tall water bottles with ease! It can be easily sterilized too!!

  10. Great dish cleaner!

    Posted by Laria Herod on Apr 4th 2019

    We use this on more than just bottles; its great on all dishes! The silicon material is super easy to clean. The hole on the tip makes it easy to hang to dry when we're not using it. It also doubles as a toy for the kids. ;)

  11. Great Silicone Brush

    Posted by kjammer123 on Mar 23rd 2019

    I love the fact that the silicone brush has a narrow tip that can fit inside nipples and some narrow parts of the breast pump parts. And the fact that it's made on silicone is awesome since we can just pop it off the handle and boil it for sterilization. There's no need to replace over and over again. I just wish the tip was a little more narrow so it could fit into the tighter nipples used on Medela and Dr. Brown bottles. But otherwise, this is an awesome product and I would buy another...only I don't have to become Silicone lasts for a while.

  12. Great tool

    Posted by Meaghan on Feb 1st 2019

    Between pumping and daycare, we have loads of bottles every day. This is a great way to make sure everything dries completely after washing and takes up less space than a towel spread over the counter. I love that it flattens out so we can easily store it when we aren't using it.

  13. Great for bottles

    Posted by Meaghan on Feb 1st 2019

    I love the integrated nipple brush. The extra long length is great for grown up water bottles. My only cons are that it doesn't stand on it's own and the design isn't great for cleaning in the nooks and crannies of pump parts, so I still need separate smaller brushes. I really like that it is easy to sanitize and very durable!

  14. Multiple uses

    Posted by Leah philhower on Sep 18th 2018

    I am absolutely in love with this brush. My kids are now older so we don?? have bottles in the house but this brush works great on my reusable water bottles. It?? silicon so it stays clean and reaches nooks and crannies. I throw it in my dishwasher to sanitize it. I??e even found it works well in the laundry room. I used it to reach places my hands won?? fit when I took apart and cleaned my washer. Definitely reccomend the bottle brush since you can use it beyond the baby years!
    #innobaby #cleaninsmart #jolimolibrands #brandrep #ilovejolimoli #babybottle #waterbottle #breastmilk

  15. Great Brush - would like a few adjustments

    Posted by Dana W on Aug 14th 2018

    This is a great brush for baby bottles. It cleans the nipples on our Advent bottles and the bottles themselves great! I love that you can sterilize the brush unlike any others. My only reason for not giving 4 Stars is because I do not think this works the greatest with the pump parts. There needs to be a smaller/longer small part to clean the Medela pump parts.

  16. Awesome for breast pump parts

    Posted by Janel on Jul 29th 2018

    I have never had one single bottle brush that I could use for cleaning everything until now. Being a working mom, we have a daily stream of bottles, milk storage and pump parts that must be washed. This brush can effectively wash everything! Not having to use a separate nipple brush to clean small areas saves time. The silicone is also a big plus when compared to other bottle brushes, the silicone doesn?? scratch up the bottles.

  17. Great bottle brush

    Posted by Kelly French on Jul 27th 2018

    I like it especially for cleaning inside the nipples of bottle and baby food teethers! The brush can be used for hard to clean items like tall water bottles too, thanks to the long handle! The silicone end sides right off and can be boiled for sanitizing, and the whole thing is dishwasher safe!

  18. Great Brush - would like a few adjustments

    Posted by Dana W. on Jul 23rd 2018

    This is a great brush for baby bottles. It cleans the nipples on our Advent bottles and the bottles themselves great! I love that you can sterilize the brush unlike any others. My only reason for not giving 4 Stars is because I do not think this works the greatest with the pump parts. There needs to be a smaller/longer small part to clean the Medela pump parts.

  19. Stylish & Easier Cleaning !

    Posted by Devin on Jul 20th 2018

    We love our new bottle brush. With a new baby I forgot what a pain in the butt washing bottles was but with this brush i've been able to clean without feeling like I didn't get it all. I love the fact that it has a built in nipple brush to reach the hard to get places & that it's not just for bottles! Highly recommend !

  20. Best brush

    Posted by Heather Bradford on Jul 11th 2018

    Best bottle brush. I got right at the end of using bottles but it works awesome on all the books and crannies of the straw and sippy cups. I also use it on many of our regular dishes. Love that it can go in the dishwasher to clean
    #jolimoli #brandambassador

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