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Star Teether
Fruit Teether
Flower Rattle Teether

 Dr. Giselle Tador's Picks! 

We are proud to offer tools that are favorited by wide range of therapists (Occupational, Physical, Speech...) and have curated Dr. Giselle favorite picks from Innobaby for her patients' oral & motor development. Pick your favorite three!  Choose one from each style STARFRUIT, FLOWER RATTLE TEETHERS

STIMULATES DEVELOPMENT OF MOUTH AND HAND-EYE COORDINATION - Our innovative design and different textures will help improve oral motors skills by stimulating tongue, lip, and cheek muscles, which aid in nursing, transitioning to solid foods, drinking from cups, and speech development.  Recommended by Occupational & Physical Therapists.  

AWARD-WINNING- The Original Innobaby Flower Rattle teether has won numerous awards, including The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval, Best of April Box by Citrus Lane, Best in NY Baby Show, and NY NOW best in baby gear.
HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS - Our teethers meet the highest quality standards in the baby products industry. All our teething products adhere to ASTM F963 -11 and CPSIA standards. 

AMAZING SORE GUM RELIEF for FRONT & BACK TEETH – AWARD WINNING DESIGN - THERAPIST recommended teethers have won multiple national awards, including the National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval, Best of April Box by Citrus Lane, Best in NY Baby Show AND NY NOW best in baby gear. With a thoughtful design and EZ Grip, this teether lets little hands DIRECT sore gum relief to FRONT TEETH, BACK TEETH, or wherever they need - a smart choice for any caring parent.

SAFE TOXIN-FREE, CHOKE PROOF DESIGN - Freezer-safe baby teether engineered from the highest quality TPE under the world’s most stringent baby and toddler-proof standards - ASTM F963 -17 and CPSIA. Because we meticulously and continuously inspect all teething toys you can rest assured it’s BPA Free, Phthalate free, PVC-free, lead-free, chemical-free, and DURABLE.

EASIEST FOR LITTLE HANDS – RELIEF WHERE BABY NEEDS IT MOST - While most baby teething toys make you “guess” where babies gums hurt, Innobaby’s EZ Grip makes holding your babies fruit teethers and locating babies constantly moving teething pain a thing of the past – babies and toddlers simply grip it (they naturally know how), move it where they want, and chomp to experience relief.

HELPS BABIES LEARN & GROW – STIMULATES ORAL DEVELOPMENT & COORDINATION – Innobaby’s freezer-safe fruit-shaped teethers support hand-eye coordination while boosting oral development by stimulating lip, tongue, and cheek muscles. EZ Grip Teethers also improve fine motor skills toddlers require for self-feeding, easy chewing, and safe swallowing.

HELPS WITH CLICKING SOUNDS WHILE FEEDING Working on tongue and cheek muscle strength is the key to feeding skills, whether on the breast or on the bottle. These oral development teethers work on these exercises without the need to use your fingers, which help fix clicking sounds while feeding and help babies learn not to break the seal or suction while feeding. This stops milk dribbling, assists with the suck/swallow/breathe pattern of feeding, and assists with jaw and tongue placement to lengthen feeding times.

“BABIES LOVE THEM” — Parents confidently purchase Innobaby’s fruit teether, knowing it’s precisely what babies need for effective sore gum relief. With fun colors, a squishy lightweight surface, and an easy grip design that easily slides into babies' mouths, you can rest assured your baby and toddler will LOVE their Innobaby teether.

MADE IN SOUTH KOREA — Our fruit teethers are carefully made in South Korea and meet or exceed all testing standards for baby teethers. Backed by moms, recommended by therapists, and loved by babies.


  • Winner of The National Parenting Center’s 2013 Seal of Approval
  • Winner of Best in NY Baby Show 2013
  • Winner of the NY Now Best in Baby Gear 2014
  • Named Best of April Box by Citrus Lane

Other Details:

  • Material: TPE
  • Top rack dishwasher safe. Hand-washing recommended
  • Freezer safe
  • BPA-, phthalate-, PVC-, latex-, lead- free
  • Made in South Korea

Warning: Never leave children unattended with teethers. Inspect teethers before and after each use. Not intended for prolonged use or for use by children with teeth. If broken or torn, discontinue use and replace as needed.


About Dr. Giselle Tadros PT, DPT

She prides herself in providing one-on-one, kid-friendly physical therapy to her young patients. Giselle has extensive experience working with children of all ages in hospitals, clinics, and home care. She has expertise in treating torticollis, gross motor delay, toe-walking, and many other pediatric conditions. Her advanced hands-on techniques and programs will promote fast progress and in most cases, full return from torticollis, head and face asymmetries, developmental delay and low muscle tone. Giselle offers parents practical information and creates valuable awareness that helps families at home.  Find her on instagram @milkmatterspt

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