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Innobaby Bathin' Smart Silicone Duck Antimicrobial Bath Scrub for Babies, toddlers and Kids

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Innobaby Bathin' Smart Silicone Duck Antimicrobial Bath Scrub for Babies, toddlers and Kids

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Innobaby Bathin' Smart Silicone Duck Antimicrobial Bath Scrub for Babies, toddlers and Kids

Say goodbye to your germ ridden rubber ducky and say hello to the all new Innobaby Silicone Duck Scrub. Our Bathin’ Smart Silicone Duck Scrub gently washes and massages your child’s body and scalp, while creating a calming and therapeutic bath time experience.  Made from 100% Silicone, it is quick drying, naturally resists mold and is even dishwasher safe (no more stinky washcloths)! The grow-with-me bath scrub also doubles as a quiet and mess free fidget toy for kids ages 6 years and up.

  • GENTLE ON ALL SKIN TYPES - Soft enough for even the smallest babies and gentle on sensitive skin, our Silicone Duck Scrub helps remove gunk and exfoliates dry skin.
  • MADE FROM 100% SILICONE - Silicone is naturally mold and mildew resistant and easy to clean, plus it can be boiled for a deep cleaning.
  • CREATES A SOOTHING LATHER - Thousands of soft silicone bristles massage and soothe baby for a calming bath time experience.
  • DITCH THE STINKY WASHCLOTHS - Say goodbye to your smelly loofah, toss the mold filled ducky in the trash, and say HELLO to our naturally safe Silicone Duck Scrub.
  • NOT JUST FOR KIDS - The soft silicone strands also create a gentle massage for sore breasts as a result of breastfeeding. Toddlers love using the Silicone Fish scrub too!

Additional features:

  • Bathin’ Smart Silicone Duck Scrub isn’t just for babies, the whole family can use it!
  • Moms can use the scrub in the bath to massage sore breasts from breastfeeding too.
  • Duck scrub creates a soothing foamy lather.
  • Made of 100% Silicone
  • Silicone is mold resistant, quick drying, and durable.
  • Dishwasher safe or boil to sanitize. Shake to dry after each use.
  • Measures 4.25” x 4.5” x 1.5”

Caring for your silicone:  Although silicone is naturally resistant to mold, we recommend keeping our scrubs in a well-ventilated area or hang to dry after each use to prevent molding.  

  • Dishwasher safe or sanitize in hot boiling water.
  • Shake to dry after each use. 

Caution: This product is not a toy. Recommended for self-use by children 6 years and older. Intended to be used by adults while bathing babies and toddlers. Do not leave children unattended in the bathtub.

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  1. Love this duck

    Posted by Ashley on Dec 17th 2020

    This is a great alternative to a loofa or wash cloth. It gets super sudsy and my toddler loves using it to wash and play in the tub. Great that it can double as a cleaning tool and a toy.

  2. Rubber ducky your the one

    Posted by Katelyn on Aug 25th 2020

    Making bath time oh so fun for my son! He loves this scrubby Duck. The spikes are super sensory and he loves washing his body with it!

  3. Best Scrubber

    Posted by Ashlee Lowe on Jul 30th 2020

    Love this duck. Great for washing hair and body. Kids love to play with it and how it feels.
    Super soft easy to clean and dry! Would use over a sponge any day!

  4. Best duck scrub

    Posted by Marlen on May 28th 2020

    Love the size of this duck scrub ! Plus is bright!! We used it to wash hands , is easier now for me , to get my daughter to wash her hands , with this duck scrub!!??It gets foamy when adding soap , plus it has soft bristles , and doesn?? get mold

  5. Works great

    Posted by Britney Saunders on May 27th 2020

    This little duck lathers very well and is so fun to play with in the water. Beyond easy to clean

  6. The duck is our favorite

    Posted by Shaniyah Adkins on May 27th 2020

    We love the duck it?? so cute and it?? works great. Since it?? silicone it?? very easy to clean and easy on kid gums

  7. Soft and fun!

    Posted by Jocelyn on May 24th 2020

    Bought this for my little girls and they love it, is so cute, soft and fun!

  8. MUST have for all bathrooms

    Posted by AF on May 4th 2020

    We have a scrubber in every single sink in our house. These make hand washing fun for our kids as well as more efficient. I use one as a loofah as well as for my kiddos. We made the plunge and got rid of all washcloths and other yucky bath toys about a year ago and haven't looked back since! We love our scurbbers!

  9. Cute and effective scrub

    Posted by Emma kim on Apr 12th 2020

    These are the perfect solution to get your toddler to wash her hands. Our girls love these scrubs. You can be worry free during this COVID outbreak that their hands are thoroughly clean because they won't want to leave the sink.

  10. Love this duck.

    Posted by Brittany on Apr 11th 2020

    We love this duck. My little one hates baths and having this little duck has really helped. We are so thankful we got it and will for sure be getting more.

  11. Multifunctional

    Posted by Migdalia Pagan on Apr 7th 2020

    You get a bath scrub and bath toy for kiddos. 2 in 1

  12. Perfect Yellow Duck

    Posted by Jennifer Escobar on Apr 7th 2020

    I love that this duck can not collect mold. It?? very soft and flexible and a perfect fun way to clean her little body.

  13. Perfect bathing scrub

    Posted by Destany B on Apr 7th 2020

    This is not only so adorably cute, but also helps so much! I have two kids and we fly through wash cloths! Not only that, but by the time I get the kids to bed I am always forgetting to lay out the washcloth out to dry. This is fabulous! Doesn?? smell or mildew, and it?? easy to clean! Absolutely love it! Going to get another one for Gigi?? house.

  14. Colorful and effective

    Posted by Meliyah Faith on Apr 7th 2020

    This brand is awesome! The silicone bristles are super soft and are great for hand washing. This is something great to have for kids during this pandemic as it makes washing their hands and body more fun. As a mom I love that this brand is mold resistant and Oder free. Also the fact that this could easily be sterilized in the dishwasher or boiling water without damaging the product.

  15. Such a fun shape

    Posted by Joann on Apr 7th 2020

    Great for an all over body scrubber, lathers so well and very gentle on skin.

  16. We need more

    Posted by Vianney Solian on Apr 7th 2020

    I?? in love with this dick my daughter loves it so much And I love that it?? save for her no more mold or stinky rubber ducks we definitely need to order more because she has to have more and I don?? mind these scrubs are made out of silicone and don?? hurt the kids skin or smell bad what is better is that you can just wash in the dish washer or boil some water and rinse it.. the best products are form jolimoli

  17. Great product

    Posted by Kimberly Feaman on Apr 3rd 2020

    My kids love bath time... and now they beg for their fishy and ducky scrubbers. These are amazing! Gets under their nails!

  18. Love it!

    Posted by Guilmarie on Apr 2nd 2020

    This is such a great and innovative product. It really helps my 2 years old to make hand washing fun! The colors are bright and the design is stunning. It's also functional and very easy to use. Bristles are soft but effective. It dries quickly and is a favorite in my house!

  19. Love this duck scrub

    Posted by Paula on Dec 15th 2019

    My oldest loves rubber ducks, but I don't let them in at bath time because of concerns with mold forming inside the toy. I love this duck scrub because it is shaped like a rubber duck and also fulfills purpose of scrubbing my kids clean. This does not form mold when dried properly after a bath. It is also easy to clean and sterilize with a pot of boiling water. I appreciate this duck scrub that we have two!

  20. Great for Toddlers

    Posted by Randommomlife on Nov 12th 2019

    We have 2 of these and love them. They are a great size for my toddler to start to scrub herself. My 4 yearold also loves to play with the bristles and get some sensory play. I love that they can be tossed in the dishwasher or boiled in some water to be cleaned.

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