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Real Reviews By @courtneyenglish.ot

Real Review


We call it “bubble trumpet”! My daughter truly loves it and has become such a wonderful regulation tool!!

-Courtney English | Pediatric Occupational Therapist-

Meet The IBmoms: @courtneyenglish.ot

Courtney, a passionate occupational therapist, and mother herself, is committed to helping children address their physical, social, and emotional development as well as cognition and sensory processing skills.

Her goal is to enhance children’s independent participation in daily life. She is driven to help children achieve these milestones and goals by following their lead and acknowledging their interests. She has over 5 years of clinical experience working with individuals to enhance their fine motor coordination and gross motor skills with goals to improve their independent participation in everyday tasks as a certified hand therapist.
She is motivated to work with speech-language pathologists and other multidisciplinary team members to provide comprehensive care and treatment for the best outcomes of child development and skill achievement.

Curious about understanding your child's nervous system for optimal regulation? Explore Courtney's Calming Kids Guide below!

courtney english Calming Kids Guide with URL calming kids guide png