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Real Reviews By @helpmegrowspeech_llc

Real Review


These are my favorite bubbles to use in therapy. There's backflow prevention so our kids do not eat the bubble juice. It's really easy to use so there's instant gratification. The bubble juice itself is chemical free, toxic free. And it doesn't leave you with that soapy sticky residue. In fact, the bubble juice is kind of moisturizing. I get tons of language from my kids using these bubbles. But they also have really cool sensory fidget toys.

-Lindsey & Leah @Help Me Grow Speech-

Meet The IBmoms: @helpmegrowspeech_llc

Help Me Grow Speech was founded by Lindsey Nitake in 2019, with the goal to serve children with speech and language delays by coaching parents on how to work on speech and language at home.

In 2020, HMGS “grew” (yes, pun intended) to become a dynamic duo when she partnered with her friend Leah who wanted to help expand the HMGS brand and bring Lindsey’s vision to life.