Back to School with Innobaby: A parent’s guide to lunchtime, nap time, masks, and more!

The last 4+ months have felt like both a breeze and an eternity. Just a few months ago, our kids were breezily in school with their peers blissfully playing, learning, and lunching with their peers daily. They were recessing, running, and doing group projects. Though many of our areas have been re-introducing us to the wild, many of our kiddos haven’t seen their peers in real life in a very long time, and now its time to think about what we need for going back to school. Just the other day, my daughter had her introduction and screening into Kindergarten which got me thinking that we really need to get all of our ducks in a row for the upcoming school year. Here are a few things I’ve considered as a mom of multiple school aged kiddos plus a husband who works in education:

Lunch time: Bento style boxes have been a must have in the parenting world for a long while. They truly are a lifesaver as far as sustainable packaging and organized lunches. But, like many other things, not all boxes are created equally. That’s where our favorite comes in. We have a child with a food allergy, so packing the correct snacks is a must in our lives. We use the Innobaby packin’ smart divided bento box for snacks for him. I can easily label the inside stainless steel holder with “Milk Allergy” so everyone is aware that he needs to have his own snacks. They fit just enough of a variety of items and we know that we packed it, so we know WHAT is in there. We also like to pack his silverware with the Innobaby stainless tableware because it comes in a washable case in the colors that he likes.

We also love our Innobaby Aquaheat Lunch Bag. It is made of neoprene and keeps food at the correct temperature until Lunchtime! We all have one (parents included!) and love the buckle feature on the strap. It can hang from the stroller bar, backpack, desk chair, and more! There are ice, heat, and food packs to compliment it, and the zip top keeps all of your lunch tools right where they need to be.

Mask Time: As we know, the CDC has recommended that people ages 2 and up should wear a mask when not at home. We have tried many masks and found that the Innobaby Silver Mask in Adult and Kids sizes is the most comfortable and breathable mask out there. We wanted to try several masks out, and found these to be the best at maintaining a cool sensation because of their UV protectant plus the material is naturally cool to the touch. They are truly breathable and are infused with Aerosilver in the fabric itself which makes them naturally antimicrobial. As the wife of an educator, I feel MUCH more comfortable with my husband in these masks as he is around multiple people for the entire day. We got him several so that he can change and disinfect a couple times per day. Our kids also have multiple of them-- they are washable and dry very easily in the sun as well.

Playtime: Our kiddos are spending a ton of time outside lately. We have turned our backyard into an oasis of sorts with a pool, picnic table, and playset. We have been loving getting up in the morning, packing out Milo and Gabby insulated backpacks for the morning, and staying outside until lunch! The kids pack their backpacks with snacks, water, and usually some sort of action figure or doll, and head outside in their bathing suits to do “home camp” in the mornings. Their backpacks are water resistant as well, so all that pool splashing can go anywhere without compromising our snacks and toys! They also have a detachable tether on them for my youngest. He is in that #independenttoddler phase and loves to walk with the big kids when we do our daily PE, so that keeps him from wandering. These are easily my kids favorite purchase of the summer!

Nap Time: We have two kiddos here who still love to nap. As a working mom, I need all the quiet and naptime I can get. We love the Dono and Dono nap mats which are soft, breathable and have an attached pillow and blanket, so you never have to search for those. They fold up and can be tucked away when not being used in our hybrid office/school room/preschool/nap place. The fabric is so soft and comfy plus the kids love their cute designs and attached blanket. These are also great for those outdoor movie nights in the yard. They are washable and provide that snuggly space anywhere you need it, with breathable mesh so that your kiddo takes that long nap that we all need!

Hand washing Time: The CDC recommends washing your hands often and for at least 20 seconds. We taught our kids how to do this using the Innobaby Bathin’ Smart scrubbies that come in a fun fish and duck shape. They put the soap on their scrubbie, lather up, and scrub with the naturally antimicrobial silicone bristles. They have named all of their scrubbies and love to come in from the outside to lather up and clean. We also have a set of the Innobaby rainbow spot scrubbies for the outdoor inflatable pool as well as both of our bathtubs! They don’t collect mold and mildew like loofahs and washcloths which is a total bonus for me as a mom of 3.

With so much to consider as we enter into the “back 9” of 2020, I find comfort in knowing that some of our favorite things will be a part of our fall and our back to school days. So much of our lives have been uncertain for a long time now, so finding those everyday comforts and confidences in everyday items is very important to us right now. As we embark back out into the wild, it is important to know what is best for you and your family and we find that comfort in knowing that we have the best of the best for all of the important people in our lives!

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