Solutions for Sensitive Skin and Eczema

When I planned for my first baby, I researched a ton of stuff. I wanted the best of the best for the best price. No one told me that babies don’t always love the most popular products out there. No one told me that my future babies wouldn’t necessarily love the same thing their older siblings loved. Most importantly, no one told me that things change SO quickly with babies. One day, they love something and you make your husband drive 25 miles back to your friends house to get said item, (true story) and the next day, they could care less about said item. #momlife

My oldest (my daughter) and my youngest (son) have always had sensitive skin. My middle guy has skin that adapts to the seasons and isn’t quite as sensitive, just like his dad who requires zero expensive products to maintain normal skin unlike yours truly (#eyeroll). My daughter has very fair skin and gets contact rashes very easily from many common outdoor allergens or any rough surface including daddy’s unshaven beard (#quarantinelife). Before she was born, I got a very fancy, very “baby” smelling line of wash and lotion that was on a list of higher end products for babies. Her skin hated it. She got a contact rash from something in it (insert panicked new mom who thinks this warrants the ER). We switched to an unscented wash and used as little lotion as needed to keep her from drying completely out, which we needed to keep re-applying. Even now, as a 5 year old, her skin reacts to everything we put on it including sunscreen, nail polish, hand soap, etc.

My youngest has had patchy eczema on his arms, legs, and torso since he was a newborn. We were using medicated ointment products on him along with a dry bath product and he still had the patches. It is often recommended to use ointment-like products on eczema. Any parent out there who deals with eczema on a regular basis knows that these ointments mean your baby is “sticky” and every article of clothing that comes into contact with it feels greasy. My youngest also ebbs and flows with bad diaper rash. The older two didn’t have issues with diaper rash so I was like a brand new mama when this became an issue for the little guy.

So, here we are with three different problems: contact rashes, eczema, and diaper rash and here is what I do to work through all problems while keeping my non-sensitive skinned middle guy on the same track so I’m not buying 25 different products for them. We have one line of products that take care of all of the different skin in our household: Botanical Therapy Cleansing and Moisture Therapy.

First, a little background on the products: The water used in the products is not just any water- it is hydrogen infused which helps mimic the pH balance of the skin. They use a very unique combination of 3 ceramides that mimic the natural lipids found in the skin, thus creating a long lasting moisture barrier. The products have no added fragrance, which is unique in the skincare world-- this is one of the main irritants for a lot of eczema sufferers. They do have ight scents of the natural elements that are used in the specially made formulas. Everything in the line is plant based and includes sage flower extract which naturally calms and soothes the most sensitive skin. The containers are actually very aesthetically pleasing as well, so total bonus to making my bathroom look a little better!

So then, here are some potential solutions to these somewhat common skin issues using the following products: Botanical Therapy Pure Baby Wash, Botanical Therapy Baby Lotion for sensitive skin, Botanical Therapy Baby Cream for sensitive skin, Botanical Therapy Baby oil, and Botanical Therapy Calendula stick balm. We love that they are all the same line and can be purchased easily online from some of our regular retailers including Walmart and Amazon as well as through, where we are Rockstar members. The products are at a great price point and generally last us a few months with all the kiddos using them!

Contact Rash Issues

For my daughter with contact rash issues, we simply use the wash and the lotion. The less, the better for her, but she needs a good moisturizer that has a complex that lasts all days. This one does the trick without giving her rash issues. She also has very sensitive eyes, so anything that has a strong fragrance can cause her eyes to swell also. She can easily help apply the lotion herself and it never bugs her eyes when she is doing her makeup tutorials (which is a whole thing when you are 5 and awesome!)


For my son’s eczema, we use the wash at bath time followed by lotion on only his face and neck. We follow this with about a dime size dollop of the baby cream with 2-3 drops of the oil, which is 100% organic macadamia, moringa, and jojoba seed oil, gently mixed in with it as a spot treatment for his eczema patches. It's gentile, calming, and moisturizing without leaving a greasy feel to it. Once we have the spots all treated, we finish up with either more cream on all the in between places or the lotion depending on how dry he is and how flared up the eczema is. Throughout the day, we use one of the calendula balm sticks if he starts scratching his patches. (BONUS: It doubles as a genius tool for a first aid kit for when the boo-boos happen!) Something to think about is that sometimes (especially summertime for us), the smallest dirt or sweat can flare up both contact rashes and eczema on the hands and arms, so we have a bottle of the wash in our powder room so I know that when they go to wash their hands, that sweat and dirt is washed away with a gentile enough product.

Diaper Rash

I truly think I have spent a small fortune on diapers over the years. I switched types depending on availability, size, and stage of life (hello bigger baby who needs overnight diapersX2!). For my older two, we didn't really use a cream unless they seemed to be getting red, and that was SUPER rare for both of them. The little guy went almost a month with a diaper rash that we couldn’t get rid of at one point. That is where the magical combination of the Botanical Therapy baby cream and calendula balm stick was born. I was already using the products on eczema, so out of desperation and curiosity, we tried it, and it works like a charm (we have two- one for eczema and one for bottom)! He is still in diapers and that is what we use preventatively to avoid those miserable rash times. The Calendula Balm stick keeps him from chafing and making the rash worse, and the cream keeps him moisturized and his skin pH balanced when he has teething diaper rash, which is often for him lately. The best part of this particular Calendula balm is that it is 56% calendula which means it is powerful and long lasting. A little bit lasts all day!

I have learned so much as a parent, but one of the most important things to date that I now know is that your everyday consumables are vital in the overall health of your kiddos. From what we eat, drink, wash our clothes in, and what we wash/moisturize our bodies with really plays a vital role in well-being. Kids who feel good are happy kids. We are lucky to have found a line of skincare that literally works for all of our littles-- Botanical Therapy delivers a product that is safe, therapeutic, and made with our babies and their sensitive skin in mind. Oh, and a major mom-bonus is that I absolutely LOVE the cream for my dry hands and feet

BOTANICAL THERAPY BABY SHAMPOO 6.8 fl oz. - Botanical Therapy Pure Baby Shampoo is made with natural botanical ingredients and formulated with hydrogen water to clean baby’s hair and scalp while maintaining a balanced pH. Calming essential ingredients such as hibiscus flower extract exfoliates dry skin and cradle cap and locks in moisture, while calendula and witch hazel extracts work to soothe baby’s sensitive skin.

BOTANICAL THERAPY BABY BODY WASH 6.8 fl oz. - Our Botanical Therapy Baby Wash is made with natural botanical ingredients and formulated with hydrogen water to mimic the natural pH levels of your baby’s delicate skin. Formulated with natural calendula and witch hazel extract to soothe baby’s sensitive skin and hibiscus flower extract to help lock in moisture. Creating a gentle foam that is soft and less irritating to baby’s skin. 

BOTANICAL THERAPY BABY LOTION 6.8 fl oz. - Our fast-acting Ceramide complex is identical to the lipids naturally found in skin and creates a long-lasting moisture barrier for all day healing protection. Formulated with hydrogen water and pH balanced to prevent over dryness and inflammation. Refreshing formula also contains sage flower extract to help calm and soothe even the most sensitive skin.

Botanical Therapy Moisturizing Baby Cream with Shea Butter - Fragrance Free, 3.17 oz.Our ultra-rich Botanical Therapy Baby Cream soothes and protects baby’s delicate skin from harsh environmental irritants by creating a safe and natural moisture barrier. Formulated with hydrogen water and pH balanced to prevent over dryness and inflammation, our lotion is ideal for babies with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema. It also contains ingredients such as shea butter to nourish and moisturize, hyaluronic acid and ceramide complex to soothe and heal, and beeswax to calm itching and lock in moisture. Fragrance Free and safe for all ages. To use, gently massage into irritated or dry skin, use daily. 

Botanical Therapy Calendula Stick Balm for Babies and Toddlers - Eczema, Diaper Rash Care. Botanical Therapy Calendula Stick Balm is formulated with natural ingredients to soothe baby’s dry, itchy, or irritated skin. Our Stick Balm is safe for all ages, yet effective, by creating a protective barrier that treats bumpy dry patches and skin irritations. Made with 58% pure Calendula, an extract known for its healing and soothing properties, our balm is ideal for babies with eczema and sensitive skin. Use on baby’s lips, cheeks, chin, hands, feet, and even diaper area. Great for moms’ dry spots too! Diaper bag and pocket friendly, our stick it’s sized perfectly to take with you on-the-go! To use: apply to irritated, dry skin as needed. MSRP: $16USD

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