Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

Toddlers are pretty easy to impress when it comes to gift-giving. As long as it is new, they usually love it right off the bat. It is pretty fun to watch their faces light up when you give them that huge excavator or ride-on car for Christmas; however, between all the gifts “Santa” and your families bring, parents often find themselves drowning in toys. This year, tell your friends and family to give them something that is not only fun but useful, too! Keep reading for our picks of the best Christmas gifts for toddlers your loved ones can shower your kids with.

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Gift Giving with Toddlers

No pressure here: Your Christmas traditions are starting now!

As toddlers, your kids are at the age where they will start remembering what you do on Christmas, what sort of gifts they receive, and traditions to celebrate. Many people opt for Santa to bring “something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read,” while other families want Santa to have the credit for the “big gifts” so that kids don’t ask or expect them at different times of the year. Whatever your family chooses is up to you, and that’s part of the fun!

Useful (and Fun!) Gifts for Your Toddlers

The tough part about gift-giving for toddlers is that parents usually end up with a mountain of toys whose luster only lasts for a few months. Clothes are not that exciting for kids to open up, and more practical use items are usually reserved for the parents as gifts. So, if you’re looking for something useful and exciting to gift your toddlers with this Christmas season, we’ve got the picks for you!

Useful (and Fun!) Gifts for Your Toddlers - Fun Bath Toys

Fun Bath Toys

Bath time is one of the most important things for many reasons. Aside from hygiene, it is a time to bond, play, and learn developmental skills. Most bath toys can quickly fill up with mold and are surprisingly difficult to keep clean. That’s why we chose high-quality and fun bath toys as a useful toddler gift pick!

Innobaby Silicone Duck Bath Scrubalso available in an adorable fish shape, gently washes and massages your child’s body and scalp while creating a calming and therapeutic bath time experience. Made from 100% Silicone, it is quick-drying, naturally resists odor, and is even dishwasher safe. This means: No more stinky washcloths!

The grow-with-me bath scrub also doubles as a quiet and mess-free fidget toy for kids ages six years and up. Moms can use the scrub in the bath to massage sore breasts from breastfeeding too.

Useful (and Fun!) Gifts for Your Toddlers - Sensory Play Toys

Sensory Play Toys

As you are well aware, toddlers LOVE to stay busy. They don’t like to sit for long! However, it is often necessary whether in a doctor’s office waiting room, a restaurant, or on a long car drive. If you want to resist whipping out the screen as long as possible in these situations, you and your kids will love these. That’s why we chose sensory play toys as one of our top Christmas gifts for toddlers!

Innobaby has an entire line of awesome sensory fidget toys. Fidget toys have been clinically proven to help children with attention and anxiety issues stay focused and calm. The SPIKE Fij-it™ is mess-free and quiet, making them ideal for the classroom. Spike Fij-it™ features durable and soft spikes that provide tactile stimulation for Kinesthetic learners.

Made with food-grade silicone, SPIKE sensory products are non-toxic and easy to clean & sterilize in boiling water. Unlike cheaper alternatives, our SPIKE will last and calm your senses for many years!

Useful (and Fun!) Gifts for Your Toddlers - Toddler-Friendly Bubble Blower

Toddler-Friendly Bubble Blower

Bubbles are fun and mesmerizing but can also be drippy, sticky, messy, and annoying for parents to dip, blow, or fill up constantly. If you are looking for a bubble wand that your toddler can actually use without making a huge mess, you’ve found it!

Spike’s Sensory Bubble Play Skin Happy Botanical Bubbles & Blower Set is a super simple dip-and-blow system with a super sturdy base, so simple that even your toddler can use it. Perfect for sensory play, learning, bubble therapy, the classroom, birthday parties, special events, and more, this uniquely designed bubble system is non-toxic, calming, and worry-free for parents.

The bubble solution that comes with it is even better: Made with plant extracts, coconut oil, and purified water, this bubble solution is easy on sensitive skin. It’s not sticky, mess-free, and can even be used in the bath, as well!

Useful (and Fun!) Gifts for Your Toddlers - Toddler-Friendly Bubble Blower

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