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Stocking Stuffers Your Kids Will Actually Like

Stocking stuffers fall into the same category as party favors often do: Small, useless, and quickly forgotten about. As parents, we usually just grab whatever can fit inside our kid’s stockings in an effort to simply give them something to open up. Candy and small, cheap toys are usually the winners, only to be lost or forgotten about later in the day—or eaten and followed by a sugar higher. Stop the terrible stocking suffer tradition, and give your kids something they will actually enjoy! Keep reading to see our recommendations for stocking stuffers your kids will actually like and where you can grab them today.

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Stop the Chaotic Stocking Stuffers!

Stockings are the appetizer of Christmas gifts; your kiddo gets the short-lived thrill of dumping out their stocking and seeing what’s inside, only to be met with strange toys and candies that are quickly overshadowed by the bigger presents they get.

Rather than keep this awful tradition going, give your kiddos useful gifts in their stocking that they will use and enjoy. Useful stocking stuffers include simple things like socks, stickers, pens, healthy snacks, and more. At Innobaby, we have plenty of useful items you can give your kiddos as stocking stuffers, such as  high-quality bathtime essentialssensory fidget toys, and our mess-free bubble blower with botanical solution.

Stocking Stuffers that are Useful and Fun

Stocking Stuffers that are Useful and Fun - High-Quality Bath Essentials

High-Quality Bath Essentials

Are your kiddos still bathing with a loofah or washcloth? Toss it in the trash!  Innobaby has an entire line of silicone, antimicrobial, toxin-free bath essentials that are totally stocking-friendly.

Innobaby’s Silicone Fish Bath Scrub and Duck Scrub are not only adorable, but they’re also a great bath scrub to replace that nasty loofah and give your kiddo a healthy bathtime experience. Our award-winning Bathin’ Smart Silicone Bath Scrub gently washes and massages baby’s scalp, creating a calming and therapeutic bath time experience.

Made from 100% Silicone, it is naturally mold-resistant and is even dishwasher safe (no more stinky washcloths)! The Unique double-sided scrub features shorter strands on one side, great for massaging cradle cap, and longer strands for scrubbing on the reverse. The grow-with-me bath scrub also doubles as a quiet and mess-free fidget toy for kids ages six years and up.

Stocking Stuffers that are Useful and Fun - Sensory Fidget Toys

Sensory Fidget Toys

Sensory fidget toys are great for people of all ages, young and old! Stop nail biting, pen clicking, and leg shaking with one of our distraction-free fidget toys from our Spike line. Perfect for work or the classroom, fidget toys have been proven to help keep hands busy and provide the brain with the stimulation it needs during long periods in the office or classroom, allowing for better focus and memory retention.

Our  Spike Fij-Its offer a dual-texture design that features soft and durable silicone spikes on one side, and a smooth surface on the other. Our product testers couldn’t put them down! For even more tactile fun, squeeze two Fij-it toys together and enjoy the satisfaction of peeling them apart. Made from 100% food-grade silicone, SPIKE Fij-it™ toys are hypoallergenic and non-toxic, as well as BPA, phthalate, latex, and odor-free. Naturally antibacterial silicone is easy to clean and can be sterilized for deep cleaning.

If you want something a little more discreet that fits in the palm of your hand, our adorable  Spike Balls are going to be your child’s new best friend. Made in a cute pineapple-like shape and three stimulating colors, kids (and adults!) of all ages won’t be able to put them down. Easy to fit in the palm of your hand, these balls have tons of textures and ways to enjoy them. Squish, pop, float, toss, or pull—these balls will help keep focus and fulfill sensory needs.

For even more discreet sensory fun, our  SPIKE pencil gripper and topper are ideal for children! Just pop on your pencil to twirl, squeeze, and squish your studies away. Everyone, young and old, can enjoy Spike, especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, Focusing issues, ADD, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorders, and other Attention issues. Perfect for classroom, home or office. Spike is great for students, teachers, parents, therapists, and more. Tactile and kinesthetic learners will love Spike, too.

Stocking Stuffers that are Useful and Fun - Sensory Bubbles

Mess-Free Bubble Blower with Botanical Solution

If you have a toddler on your hands, you already know how much they love bubbles!  Our Spike Bubble Blower is an innovative bubble blower that they can use all by themselves. It makes a great stocking stuffer; the best part is that the solution that comes with it isn’t messy, gooey, drippy, or sticky!

Perfect for sensory play, learning, bubble therapy, the classroom, birthday parties, special events, and more, this uniquely designed bubble system is non-toxic, calming, and worry-free for parents. This bubble toy is made with plant extracts, coconut oil, and purified water and is easy on sensitive skin.

If your toddler loves bubbles, but you hate the mess and constantly dipping a wand into a messy jug, you’ll love how simple, easy, and mess-free this bubble blower is! Simply pour bubble solution into the tray, dip, and twirl the blower, and start blowing bubbles!

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