Halloween Snack ideas

It’s Halloween month guys!!! This is one of my favorite months! From the weather change (not so much in Florida), to the Halloween decorations to the rolling of all the holidays that come after, makes me sooo happy! If you follow me on INSTAGRAM yesterday I posted all about this super cute and convenient bus platter I got from Innobaby. I absolutely love all the separate sections it has so I can add different food groups for MJ, she loves it because she can pick at what she wants all by herself. But then I got to thinking…I can totally use this for something else as well…So here comes the Mini Apple Dippin’ Bar.

In honor of Fall / Halloween this was something I knew MJ would enjoy. I love Candy Apples but I don’t trust MJ with them just yet…So I made her own. I went to the supermarket and picked up some stuff I could use. Apple Slices (perfect for toddlers)

  • Apple Slices (perfect for toddlers)
  • Caramel Dip (this mama has no time to make it from scratch)
  • Skewers (I cut them a little to make them toddler sized)
  • Candy Corn
  • Halloween Sprinkles
  • Mini Marshmallows

(keep in mind you can use any candy)

I set up everything on a plastic table cover (easy to just throw out after the mess) and of course I had to be extra and added a fake spider and skeleton arms. MJ was all over the place, she was so excited to see it all in front of her. She made such a mess! There was Caramel and Sprinkles all over the place. I enjoyed watching her pick up the tiny sprinkles and literally throw them on the dipped apples! HaHa!

Halloween Snack idea - Apple mini dippin bar

Mama’s if you’re at home I totally suggest trying this with your little ones. If and when you do be sure to let me know how it turns out. As always thanks for reading!


October 11, 2017

Photo: © via canva.com