Back to School season is in full swing! Read ahead for some helpful hints, school lunch ideas, and packing tips for your kids from the Innobaby team.

Packin' Smart TwistablesIs your child a picky eater? Or maybe you’re dealing with food allergies and can’t rely on school-made lunches. With our  Packin’ Smart Twistables, you can create snack towers customized to fit your child’s needs. These containers are equipped to store liquids, too, so the possibilities are endless! The lids are easy to use and the convenient dispensing system ensures that your child will be snackin’ smart! Pictured here we have Colby jack cheese cubes, ham slices, and dark almonds for a protein-packed treat. Some other ideas include subbing in chickpeas, raisins, strawberries, crackers, grapes…the list goes on forever! You can even prepare these in advance and have them stored and ready to go for busy mornings and hectic after school schedules.

Keepin' Smart Insulated Leakproof Containers Heading back to school after a long summer of fun isn’t always easy. Falling into a normal routine takes time and can be exhausting for you and your little ones, as well. Don’t add lunchtime to your burden! Pack your child’s favorite healthy choices in our Keepin’ Smart Stainless Bento Boxes! The double wall design keeps food fresher and better insulated than a standard container. The airtight lid will keep your mind at ease knowing the food won’t leak out, thereby preventing a sticky mess and a spoiled lunch! Plus, it's easy for little hands to open and close. Use the divider to separate different snacks, like carrots and chickpeas, or leave it out to fit in a sandwich or a fruit salad. Just like with our Packin’ Smart Twistables, the list of potential lunches/snacks never ends. Pack the best options for your child with stress-free ease and send them back to school with confidence.

Packin' Smart StackablesIt’s always important to remember to treat yourself! Pick out a tasty treat that you are okay with your child eating and stick a serving into one of our easy-to-open containers. Send it off to school with them and let them decide when to eat it! Is it all for dessert after lunch, or will half be left for a bus ride delight? Maybe they’ll even save some until they get home. Our  Packin’ Smart Stackables are ideal for teaching your kids portion control! Like our  Twistables, the Stackables also offer easy dispensing. The award-winning design is available in a variety of colors to suit any child’s personality and style, and you can stack up as many as you need for any occasion.   


What are some of the ways your family prepares for the school day? Let us know in the comments!

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