Here's Why You Need a Therapeutic Sensory Pillow

Here's Why You Need a Therapeutic Sensory Pillow

We know what you’re thinking: a therapeutic what? If you or your little one has trouble going down at naptime, bedtime, or just relaxing in general, this will be your new secret weapon. Therapeutic sensory pillows are great for so many reasons, especially if you have a little one who is a sensory seeker. Keep reading to  learn more about therapeutic sensory pillows, their benefits, and the best one you can grab right here from us

What is a Therapeutic Sensory Pillow?
What is a Therapeutic Sensory Pillow?

Therapeutic sensory pillows are the best pillows you didn’t know you needed! Filled with charcoal micro bio foam beads, this pillow will lull your little one right to sleep, even if they are at the height of a sensory-seeking episode.

Our Charcoal Infused Bio Foam Bead Therapeutic Pillow features over one million non-toxic beads securely encapsulated in soft & breathable Tencel (lyocell), a natural fiber from the eucalyptus tree, for optimal tactile experience. It provides gentle sensory stimulation with soothing & calming textures for sensory seekers and works great as a sleep helper at bedtime & naptime. Touch it, squeeze it, roll it! Soothe, reduce anxiety, and keep calm at home and on the go.

Here’s Why They’re Awesome

A pillow filled with charcoal micro bio foam beads is much more than just a comfy, squishy pillow. They provide a ton of benefits, including tactile therapy, sound therapy, and weight, as well as benefits for sensory seekers and daycare.

Here’s Why They’re Awesome - Tactile Therapy
Tactile Therapy

Anything that we touch, or that touches us, can be stimulating. Everything has a texture, temperature, shape, and more. The sense of touch also includes the differentiation and recognition of temperature, pain, and body position. Children and adults benefit from touching a variety of textures and play with them to develop normal tactile processing. Messy items such as play-doh and foam make alternative strategies for telling a story, expressing feelings, and more. (source: Bee-Released)

A Therapeutic Sensory Pillow provides just that! Microsize bio foam beads are easy to manipulate, encourages finger movement and dexterity. Fold & press, pinch & roll, and smooth & shake for satisfying fidgeting relief! Indulge your hands and fingers through millions of beads for ultimate calming and relaxation experience. Relaxing tactile therapy can help relax you, calm your nerves, and get you to sleep.

Sound Therapy

In our Therapeutic Sensory Pillow, our foam Beads are lightweight and micro-sized (0.05 inches / 1.5 mm in diameter). The millions of moving beads produce gentle & calming therapeutic sounds. Think of it as your own personal, comfortable sound machine right under your ears! When shifted, the natural vibrational sound is never too loud and aids in aligning the mind and body with the busy mind.

Here’s Why They’re Awesome - Weighted Lap Pad
Weighted Lap Pad

A Therapeutic Sensory Pillow can also work great as a weighted lap pad. For those aged 3 years and up that weigh more than 24 pounds, you can use it as a lap pillow for a quiet sensory exercise to self-soothe, distract busy hands, and focus. Run beads between fingers, squeeze, hold, or roll them for unique and tactile stimulation.

Perfect for Sensory Seekers

If you have a sensory seeker at home, you absolutely need this pillow! Designed ideally for travel, it can be used at home, in the classroom, or in clinical settings. Calm & soothe kids with sensory needs (great for adults, too!) for a gentle, soft, and soothing sensory relief for busy minds and bodies. Think of it as a giant fidget toy meant to relax and soothe!

A Daycare Must-Have
A Daycare Must-Have

Does your little one have a tough time falling asleep at daycare? Daycare can be very stimulating, and without the proper tools for relaxation, your child can be missing out on some much-needed shut-eye. Kids can fall asleep quicker and get better relaxation as they calm & soothe themselves to sleep with a therapeutic sensory pillow. The integrated air mesh lining and Tencel pillowcase material provide a variety of textures that are cool to the touch and breathable for optimal rest.

Milo and Gabby Sensory Pillow with Charcoal Micro Bio Foam Beads
Milo and Gabby Sensory Pillow with Charcoal Micro Bio Foam Beads

Our Milo and Gabby Sensory Pillow is the perfect therapeutic sensory pillow! It is sized just right, weighted perfectly for kids, easy to manipulate, and easy to clean. Here are some more reasons our pillow is so awesome:

  • Perfect for year-round relaxation. This triple-layer pillow is double-stitched and encapsulates over a million bio foam beads. The uniquely-designed sensory pillow is cool to the touch, breathable, and antimicrobial. A combination of 3D Air Mesh, Tencel fabric, and bio beads prevents the pillow from overheating even during the warm season, thanks to its cooling and breathable properties. 
  • Wicks away moisture. Tencel fabric naturally wicks away moisture, while bio foam beads allow extra ventilation to keep the pillow odorless and quick to dry, making it ideal for therapeutic use. 
  • Hypoallergenic fabric and beads. Tencel by Lanzing is naturally hypoallergenic, mite-resistant, and breathable. Derived from the eucalyptus tree, Tencel offers natural remedial properties that significantly reduce the use of pesticides and water to manufacture and are known to be a safer alternative to cotton and other man-made fabrics. Lightweight bio-foam beads are BPA- and Lead-free and infused with charcoal, a natural property that purifies the air and repels odor and bugs.

Charcoal Infused Bio Foam Bead Therapeutic Pillow

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