Mom Hacks to Keep Baby Busy

Mom Hacks to Keep Baby Busy

We all know the feeling of trying to get baby interested in toys, rotating them between their bouncer, chair, and exerciser, then taking them on a walk… only to see you still have a long time to go before nap time. Whether your baby is starting to get bored, you’re looking for new ways to work on developmental skills, or you just need 15 minutes to hop in the shower, there are plenty of great ways to keep your baby busy without having to break the bank. Keep reading for our favorite crafty Mom Hacks for keeping your baby busy and the  oral development teethers that will keep them entertained when you need it most.

baby playtime ideas - DIY Busy Boards
DIY Busy Boards

A great way to keep your baby busy, entertained, learning fine motor skills, and developing independent play skills is through DIY Busy Boards.

Ring Pulley Board

If you have a cooling rack for baked goods, ribbon, and some rings, you’ve got everything you need for a DIY Ring Pulley Board! Simply string the ribbon through the cooling rack, tie on some rings to each end of all the ribbons, and let your little one explore. You’ll want to make sure the cooling rack is either hanging on the wall or secured to the floor—babies are stronger than they look!

Masking Tape Board

Your baby will be developing fine motor skills, their pincer grip, concentration skills, and more with the easiest DIY ever: a Masking Tape Board! If you have masking tape or painter's tape lying around, you’ve got everything you need.

There are a few great options for this craft:

  • Pop your baby in their highchair and stick the masking tape on their table 
  • Lay down the masking tape flat for them to peel off, or roll it up in a circle so they can feel the sticky side and work on their grabbing skills, too 
  • Tape down some teethers for them to work on getting out 
  • If you have an older baby or toddler, lay down the masking tape on the floor in different designs, such as a street, parking lot, and more

Sensory Board

A great DIY busy board that your baby will spend a ton of time with is a DIY sensory board! All you have to do is grab as much random stuff as you can and affix it to a board. Stand it up (or even keep it lying on the ground) and watch the exploration begin.

Some ideas include:

  • Crafting supplies such as pom-poms, feathers, foam, and more 
  • Carpet and paint samples 
  • Light switches 
  • Chain locks 
  • An old calculator 
  • The dispenser top to an old wipes package 
  • Bells 
  • Bathtub foam letters and numbers 
  • An old mirror from a compact

baby playtime ideas - Bring On The Food
Bring On The Food

By now, you are well aware that if there is one thing that will change your baby’s mood on a dime, it is food! There are some awesome ways you can incorporate food into your baby’s busy independent playtime.

Cheerio Necklace

A Cheerio necklace is exactly what it sounds like! Grab some string and start stringing through the Cheerios (or whatever other snack your baby will love). Similarly to a candy necklace (don’t give baby one of those yet, though!), your little one will have a ton of fun sucking, biting, and finishing their delicious jewelry.

Cheerio Sand Sensory Bin

This one might get a little bit messy, but it is totally worth it! Fill up a large Ziplock bag full of Cheerios and start crushing until it is fine, like sand. Pour into a large bowl or shallow bin, put in some new, small toys or teethers, and watch the joy unfold. Your little one will have a natural instinct to put the “sand” in their mouth, and they will be delighted to see that it tastes delicious!

Teething Pops

A fun and easy DIY you can create to keep your baby busy is by making them some teething pops! Fill up an ice cube tray with some breastmilk, fun flavors, fruit, and more—or mix all of them together! You can grab some silicone popsicle bottoms from Amazon or use a plastic spoon if you’re short on time, and watch your little one stay busy enjoying their new favorite treat.

baby playtime ideas - Work on Oral Development
Work on Oral Development

There is nothing your baby loves more than putting things in their mouth to stay busy, so give them something that will  not only soothe their gums but will aid in their oral development, as well.

Innobaby has an entire line of oral development teethers of different shapes, textures, and designs to keep your baby entertained. Oral development teethers stimulate the muscles of the lips, tongue, and cheeks to improve oral motor skills, which aids in nursing, eating solid foods, drinking from cups, and speech development. The light and easy-to-grip handle also improves hand-eye coordination. Give two to baby to allow for bilateral movement and stimulation of both sides of the brain, as well!

Work on Oral Development - Shop toys

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