Is Your Toddler Starting Preschool This Year

Is Your Toddler Starting Preschool This Year?

Toddler moms: Are you sending your kiddo to school this year? Dropping your child off at preschool for the first time, even if it is only for a couple of days a week, can be gutwrenching for parents. It can also be difficult for children to adjust from being home all the time to being away from home for, what feels like to them, an extended period of time. Luckily, you can make the adjustment easy for both of you. Keep reading for our tips on bringing your toddler to preschool for the first time and how some lunchtime essentials can help make the transition easier!

Tips for Parents and Kids
Tips for Parents and Kids

Set up your routine. Chances are, you will have to leave early in the morning (maybe earlier than they are used to) in order to get your kid to school. Start getting them up at the desired time and go through the whole routine of getting dressed, brushing their teeth, doing their hair, and getting out the door.

  • Visit the school together beforehand. One of the scariest parts for children about heading to school for the first time is the unknown. Bring them to their school early, and even meet their teacher if you can, so it seems familiar to them when they get there on the big day.
  • Talk and read about preschool. Start getting your kiddo excited about preschool by talking a lot about it, reiterating what to expect, and even grabbing some books about preschool so they can have a visualization.
  • Have a celebration plan in place. Going to school for the whole day, using their potty, eating their lunch, and doing some awesome crafts are all worthy of being celebrated, especially in the early days of going to preschool. How can you celebrate with your kiddo once they get home?
  • Give them brand-new items to use while they’re there. Remember how much fun it was to get new school supplies, organize them, and use them at school? Grab some new stuff for your little one to use at school, including some mealtime essentials!

Mealtime Essentials You Will Both Love

A great way to get your toddler excited about school is by using some brand-new mealtime essentials to pack their lunch in! Our  Kinderspel Insulated BackpackFLEX&LOCK KIDS FlexBox SetFlexWarez Spoon & Fork Set, and FlexCharmz are everything your toddler will need to enjoy school and lunchtime.

Mealtime Essentials You Will Both Love - Kinderspel Insulated Backpack
Kinderspel Insulated Backpack

Our All-in-One Backpacks are perfect for kids on the go! This adorable toddler backpack is fully insulated and doubles as a lunch bag to keep food and drinks fresher for longer.

These awesome toddler-friendly bags come with fully adjustable shoulder straps and an additional Velcro chest strap that snaps across your child’s chest to help keep the backpack securely in place. Kids love carrying around their favorite toys and snacks (just like a big kid), and parents love the removable tether option to keep independent kids close. Fashionable and functional, our All-in-One Toddler Backpacks are available in an array of adorable designs you and your kids will love. A detachable safety strap is also included.

Mealtime Essentials You Will Both Love - Kinderspel Insulated Backpack (2)

Mealtime Essentials You Will Both Love - FLEX&LOCK KIDS FlexBox Set

Flexnlock FlexBox Set is a perfectly leak-proof lunchbox that doesn’t have a nasty rubber seal!

Worried about your picky toddler eating lunch at school? Kids LOVE eating their food out of the perfectly portioned FlexBox! All parts of this lunchbox are easy to assemble and disassemble for easy washing (it’s dishwasher safe!) Pop it in the oven to cook, put it in the fridge to store it, or use it in the microwave to make lunchtime prep quick and easy with WAY fewer dishes. The outer FlexPlate allows for endless decorating with FlexCharmz!

Mealtime Essentials You Will Both Love - FLEX&LOCK KIDS FlexBox Set

Mealtime Essentials You Will Both Love - FlexWarez Spoon & Fork Set
FlexWarez Spoon & Fork Set

Age-appropriate utensils are extremely important at this age, and none are better than our FlexWarez spoon and fork set!

Having fun and interesting tools to eat with is super important for picky toddlers! The ergonomically designed utensil set works with FlexCharmz™ so kids can easily decorate and personalize their feeding sets. Pair up with FlexBox™ and make it a set! With many charm design options to choose from, we make rewarding healthy eating habits super easy and lunchtime fun, even for the picky eaters! The zigzag fork design minimizes food from slipping to make self-feeding easy. Plus, they match perfectly with FlexBox!

Mealtime Essentials You Will Both Love - FlexWarez Spoon & Fork Set

Mealtime Essentials You Will Both Love - FlexCharmz 3 PackFlexCharmz 3 Pack

Flexcharmzcomes in a variety of shapes & colors, allowing kids to explore and reward healthy mealtime in a fun way!

Made with flexible & durable silicone, these cute little charms are easy to wash & dry for your child's next interactive playtime. Collect them all, available in unicorn-, dinosaur-, and toy-themed custom designs, and nurture kids' creativity and imagination. Kids will love choosing their favorite charms and personalize their favorite school lunch solutions! Use them as non-food rewards for finishing a full day, eating their whole lunch, or using the potty as a great way to get them excited about heading to school in the morning. Personalize their FlexBox together to give them a little taste of home while they’re away, and make their lunchbox just as unique as they are!

Mealtime Essentials You Will Both Love - FlexCharmz 3 Pack

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