I love to bake. I don't have lot of time to bake as I used to but I still try to squeeze in the time so my family can consume nutrients that are not common in our daily diet. Lately, I have been intrigued by Chia and Flax seeds. They are considered super foods as they contain nutrients that helps to keep body healthy. These super food ingredients don't carry much flavor so as long as you don't go overboard, you can sneak them in just about any baking without getting caught by the kids. Start slow and educate them about what they are and why they are good for them as they get more use to the taste (if they can detect them).

Chia seeds: A great source of Omega 3's, great antioxidant, high in protein and fiber.Easy to digest and contains phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, niacin, and zinc.

Flax seeds: high in Omega 3's fatty acids, fiber, and Lignans.

My kids can name anything I bake with these three ingredient. Their top three choices are Super Muffin, Super Cookie, and Super Bread. So yesterday morning, I made them Super Muffin. I cheated by using a banana bread mix I purchased from Trade Joes but that' ok. I had to get the kids ready for the summer camp and get to the office. :-) So here is what I did. It took 5 min to get the ingredients together and 45 min. to bake.


1. Mix egg, grape seed oil, and water. Stir until foamy.

2. Add in chia seeds, flax seeds, banana bread mix, pecans, banana, dried cranberries

3. Pour batter into tray - I used our Keepin' Fresh Borosilicate Glass for baking.

Baked just right! Don't be surprised to hear "mmmmm, it's good, mommy. More please!"

Photo: © via canva.com