Whether you've breastfed your baby for a day, a week or for months, there may come a time when you consider transitioning your babyfrom breast to bottle. Innobaby's bottles are made of medical grade silicone (LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber), BPA free, phthalates free, pvc free, lead free.

The softness, flexibility and lightweight bottle is great for baby when they touch and hold the bottle. These characteristics of this bottle helps increase emotional IQ with the soft silicone that resembles skin-to-skin contact during feeding. All which are beneficial when weaning or transitioning. The specially designed "Natural Nipple" requires the same suckling motion that breastfeeding requires. Babies can control the liquid flow rather than react to it. Therefore, they will less likely to spit up and drink easier at their own speed, resulting in a happier baby. Innobaby's bottle also naturally reduces colic without additional parts.

The Grow With Me Starter Set also includes a feeding spoon and training straw cup, which can be used to support babies with feeding challenges such as cleft palates or babies who are prematurely born. The reusable bottles are microwave and diswasher safe, and will not deform even with extended use & sterilization. Innobaby's Nursin Smart bottle is a great practical bottle that you can use over and over from infant stage to toddler years.

Nursin' SMART 9 oz Nurser w/ Stage 2 Natural Nipple

August 21, 2012

Photo: © via canva.com