Whether you’re disappointed or relieved that the new school year is right around the corner, the seasonal transition is a time of change. Maybe you are sending your first child off to school or are a seasoned pros with kids ready to enter a new grade level. No matter what phase your students are in, the start of the school year is always new.

One way the school year can be different for you as a parent is your approach to packing school lunches. Some love it, others hate it. The task of packing a lunch for your student can feel like a chore, and after months of this routine, it’s easy to feel uninspired. Packing a lunch day after day can feel a bit boring for both you and your child.

Today, we’re sharing a few tips on packing school lunches to help you feel more prepared for the upcoming school year. If you’re packing one lunch or multiple, we hope these tips inspire you to approach school lunches in a creative but simplistic way.

Include Variety

Kids can become bored with school lunches, and sometimes what is packed may not sound great to them. Ensure they eat by packing small amounts of a variety of choices so they can find something they like. Mix in fruits, vegetables, trail mix, or other favorites so they will be sure to eat and be ready for the afternoon. An easy way to pack multiple snacks in small portions is the Innobaby Packin Smart Twistable Snack Containers. Stack as many or as little as you wish, and the easy twist lids are great for small hands.

Packin' Smart Twistables

Keep It Simple

Don’t overcomplicate packing lunch. Even though it’s taken on the go, this doesn’t mean you need to change your approach to feeding your child. Some foods may not travel as well as others, so think of some common lunches you serve during the summer or on the weekend and consider how you can make them transferable. Don’t stress about being overly creative either. Simple sandwiches, salads, wraps and other yummy lunches can taste different by simply changing one or two ingredients. Keep your approach to lunch the same and make little adjustments to ensure it will travel well. Using the Innobaby bus platters with lids, it is easy to pack your little ones lunch to go. 

Create a Rotating Meal Plan

It can be so easy to feel uninspired when it comes time to make lunch each day. Avoid this creativity block by creating a rotating meal plan. While this is no way set in stone, it’s a simple way to generate ideas and have a plan for the upcoming week. A meal plan may help prevent boredom in what is packed and will make the meal packing process that much simpler. Bonus: ask your child to help put the meal plan together. Make a point to say that this is not a promise, but ask them if there are certain foods they’d like to see in their lunchbox. This can help spark some ideas too.

Eliminate use of plastic and save money using reusable containers to pack your child’s lunch. This will also make packing the lunch that much easier since you know exactly what fits into their lunch box. The Innobaby Keepin’ Smart Double Insulated Stainless Bento Box is a great size for a lunch box and conveniently stores sandwiches, salads, wraps, or other easily packable meals. With its insulation features, foods are easily kept fresh all day, and the removable divider insert can keep food separated for those picky eaters.

Bus Plate

Packing school lunches may never be the most fun activity, but we hope these tips inspire you to rethink your approach this school year!

What are your tips for packing school lunches?

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