Aquaheat 16 oz Solo Food Warmer

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Innobaby's Aquaheat 16 oz. Solo Food Warmer and Storage

All-in-one Lunch Solution!

Pair your Aquaheat™ Warmer with our perfectly-sized Aquaheat™ COOL Pack to create a fantastic all-in-one lunch box! Our COOL Pack maintains its cold temperature longer than standard ice bags to keep your food fresh and crisp all day. Simply place the COOL Pack in the bottom of the blue warming pod and store your food in the stainless container. It’s eco-friendly, easy to clean and re-use, and the sleek stainless steel design is sure to turn heads!  

Fantastic for packing salads, fruit, and so much more! You can even travel with your favorite hot dishes, like pastas and soups. Keep leftovers cold until you’re ready to eat, then reheat fresh on-the-go with Aquaheat™ heat packs!

Our Aquaheat™ Lunch Solution is ideal for…

  • Students
  • Frequent travelers
  • Weekend getaways
  • Busy moms
  • Transporting (and then reheating!) bags of pumped breastmilk  
  • Camping or hiking
  • Taking your lunch to work (especially if you’re on a budget!) 

Aquaheat™ is a portable, lightweight on-the-go food warming solution that requires no electricity to create heat. Simply add water to the heat packs to activate heat anytime, anywhere.

How does it work?

  • The heat pack reacts with a small amount of water to create heat in seconds. No need to search for a microwave in your office, dorm or on the go. No need to create an open fire or carry bulky camping stoves for your outdoor adventures. Experiencing a power outage? No problem! Simply place an Aquaheat™ heat pack in the warming pod, add water to activate, and fill the stainless container with food. Enjoy warm meals in as little as 3 minutes anytime, anywhere! 
  • Our eco-friendly, non-toxic & biodegradable heat packets are available in both WARM and HOT options. The WARM heat pack can create temperatures up to 185ºF/85ºC, which is perfect for beverages, oatmeal and baby food. The HOT heat pack can create temperatures up to 212ºF/100ºC, which is perfect for warming full servings of soup, pasta and more. (Actual temperature may vary based on content, usage and operating environment.)
  • Each heat pack can last up to an hour, so you can continue to warm additional servings of beverages or food with the same heat pack. Just keep in mind your second serving may take longer to reach optimal temperature. 
  • Our Aquaheat™ packets are one-time use. Simply dispose the heat pack after each use. Our heat packs are biodegradable, so no worries about harming our environment. Just use caution in handling the heat packs as they may become extremely hot once activated. Refill Packs (sold separately) are available in bundles.
  • By adding an Aquaheat Cool Round Ice Pack (purchase separately) to your Aquaheat food warming system, you can use your food warmer for cold food storage every day or keep foods cold prior to warming.  Create your complete food storage system.

What is included in the set? The On-the-Go Food Warmer SOLO set comes with:

  • (1) 16 ounce high-quality rust-resistant type 304 stainless steel container, one
  • (1) warming pod, one
  • (1) airtight lid with removable silicone, one
  • (1) neoprene sleeve, one
  • (1) Aquaheat™ WARM heat pack, and one
  • (1) Aquaheat™ HOT heat pack.

* bpa, phthalate, & pvc free
* Made in South Korea

When you are out of heat packs, simply use hot water to reheat. It may take longer but it would still work. Stainless container is also great for storing & traveling with food with its airtight/leakproof lid. If you want to use the food warmer as a double boiler, add adequate amount of water into the stainless container to heat up the water - submerge baby bottles, baby foods and pouches to warm up and enjoy!



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