Aquaheat Portable Mega Food Warmer


Innobaby Aquaheat Portable Mega Warmer and Storage

Innobaby’s Mega Warmer and Storage container truly is an all-in-one meal-time solution! A stainless steel container fits perfectly into a blue plastic holder to carry your food. Store a Cool Pack in the bottom to keep food fresh and crisp all day as the stainless holds the cold temperature from the ice pack. Need to warm your food up? Use a Warm or Hot Heat Pack in the bottom of the container, add a little bit of water, and watch your food get warm in minutes!

Fantastic for salads, fruit, or sandwiches, but also for pastas, soups, chilis, or any other food that needs to be warmed. This will be loved by the whole family, from college students to hikers to new moms who need a quick and easy way to heat breastmilk or formula.

The Mega Warmer is perfectly paired with the Hot Heat Packs, which can be purchased in packs of five. If you run out you can use hot water in the bottom - it’ll probably take longer to heat, but will still work. The packs are biodegradable and this container is reusable, making the whole system eco-friendly!

Other Details:

  • High-quality, rust-resistant type 304 food grade stainless steel container
  • Airtight lid with removable silicone
  • Measures 4.5” x 7.5” x 5”
  • Holds 28 oz
  • Comes with 2 Hot Heat Packs and 1 neoprene sleeve


UPC Code : 895411002916

Customer Reviews

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This food warmer is pretty cool

I have been able to make oatmeal, hot tea, and noodles in my mega warmer. I am really excited to see what else I can heat up or make. Great for on the go hot or cold food.