Innobaby Silicone Massage Mitt


Innobaby Silicone Massage Mitt

Sick of slippery sponges and loofahs? The Innobaby Silicone Massage Mitt is here! Designed to perfectly fit your hand with a thumbhole, just like a mitt, this scrubbie will gently wash up every member of your family—even your dog! The double-sided mitt helps scrub away dirt and dead skin while also gentle enough to use on even the smallest member of your family. Use the side with the smaller bristles to easily lather up your body, then switch to the side with the larger bristles to give yourself a heavenly scalp massage with your favorite shampoo.

  • ODOR, MOLD, AND MILDEW RESISTANT: Silicone is naturally mold and mildew resistant, making it the perfect material for your favorite shower scrubbie. They’re also odor-resistant, so get ready to toss out your stinky loofahs and washcloths.
  • QUICK TO DRY: Silicone dries fast; simply shake to dry after each use and it will last you for years to come. You can also sterilize your mitt for a deep clean!
  • NON-TOXIC: The Innobaby Silicone Massage Mitt is made of food-grade silicone, which means it isn’t filled with toxins like BPA, Phthalates, PVC, latex, and lead, giving you peace of mind to use even on your newborn baby.
  • GREAT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: The Innobaby Silicone Massage Mitt is safe and gentle to use on everyone from a newborn, to mom and dad, to the family dog! Gently exfoliates while promoting blood circulation, it is the best all-around scrubbie for everyone.
  • VERSATILE THUMBHOLE: The double-sided thumbhole makes it easy and comfortable to switch between the bristle sizes for both left and right handed grips.

Lathers easily
Gentle scrub
Larger bristles
Scalp Massage

Customer Reviews

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Jay E.
Helping with flaky scalp

I've fought dandruff my whole life but recently it's been much itchier with bigger flakes. Researching lead me to think exfoliating would be a good option to try which is what brought me to this. I've experimented with washing first then scrubbing, using the soft versus hard bristle side, and the reverse of those options. For me, I've seen the best improvement by exfoliating with the big firm side and then washing my hair afterward. The silicon rinses perfectly and I haven't had any issue with it getting any buildup.

Love this thing

I've used a many different kinds of scrubs. Idk what it is about this one, but it makes my skin sooooooo smooth. It's super easy to use. I absolutely recommend this scrub. I'm going to be getting more, for sure.

Nice size, actually fits like a glove

I've used a small silicone face scrubber for a while and have often thought how great it would be to have one for the body. There are two sides, one finer than the other so you get two different kinds of scrubs. Silicone scrubbers are super sanitary in the they rinse clean and dry completely. They are also far more gentle on the skin than a brush or a loofah.

C. Green
Great for the bath

This product is great for the bathtub. It has a hole to where you can hook it to let it hang in the shower. I also like to use the smaller side to clean my make up brushes. It is a good replacement for washcloths because it doesn't mildew.

Works well, but inside texture is tactilely disturbing

I like this mitt, and I think it is great for washing. The amount of lather and texture is good for me. I think the design is pretty good. It can be worn on either hand, and you will have to switch hands to fully wash yourself. I think it could be better if there were different sizes available, because for me, everything that is glove-shaped is absolutely enormous on me. I have small hands, so especially wet and with soap, this is always wanting to slide off. The inside has a texture which is meant to try to prevent this, but it doesn't work at all, and it is a HORRIBLE texture, especially for someone like me, who has tactile sensitivity. They are very small dots, like braille, and too far apart and with too much smooth plastic in between to be effective at keeping this from slipping off. So instead, I'm just feeling little points as they slide across my fingers and it is cringeworthy, like nails on a chalkboard. I hope this company changes the design of the inside. My suggestion - a wave pattern going across, perpendicular to the fingers, and deep enough that it can actually grip your hand.