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Dono&Dono Light Muslin Cuddle Blanket

Dono & Dono Muslin Blanket Patterns

The Dono & Dono Light Muslin Blanket is so versatile--it acts as three products in one! Use it to swaddle baby for airy warmth and security, a stroller blanket to help block out UV rays, or for privacy as a nursing cover. Our blanket is made from 100% premium muslin cotton and it continues to soften with every wash! It is processed with BambooCARE, an all-natural fabric treatment that helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and odor by wicking away moisture. It aids in blocking harmful ultraviolet rays and makes fabric resistant to static electricity, it’s a must have during spring and summer outings!

Dono & Dono’s simple, high contrast aesthetic was inspired by baby’s developing eyesight. In the early stages of infancy, black and white designs are easier for babies to see and proven to help boost brain development. Available in an array of unique patterns, Dono & Dono’s Light Muslin Blanket is breathable comfort at its best!

  • OUR LIGHT BLANKET IS THE IDEAL SIZE : Use of for receiving, swaddling, snuggling, covering, sleeping, and carrying for security!
  • THE LIGHT BLANKET GROWS SOFTER WITH EACH WASH : Our multi layer muslin blankets make for cozy sleep and beautiful nursery decor! Large enough for a toddler and snuggly and safe as a newborn swaddler.
  • COMPRISED OF DUAL LAYERS OF 100% COTTON MUSLIN : Each layer is bound together using a square weave. The fabric and technique allow for optimal airflow while maintaining its shape and durability. 
  • ALL DONO & DONO 100% COTTON PRODUCTS ARE TREATED WITH BAMBOOCARE : This all natural fabric treatment enhances the cotton fabric by adding the benefits naturally found in bamboo fabric. This natural process inhibits the growth of bacteria and gives the fabric moisture wicking and deodorizing properties. It even helps block out harmful Ultra Violet rays!
  • EACH BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE FABRIC PATTERN IS EXCLUSIVE TO DONO & DONO : All Dono&Dono designs were created using monochromatic colors and simple imagery, both proven to help eye and brain development.

Other details :

  • Measures 41” x 41”
  • 100% cotton with bamboo processing
  • Made in South Korea

Washing instructions :

  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle
  • Air dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron

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Dono & Dono products all feature modern, black and white designs, great for baby's developing eyesight and proven to boost brain development.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Soft & snuggly

My kiddo giggles and is so happy every time I cover him up with this blanket. There's a happy snuggle wiggle, then he's out like a light. The blanket is the perfect spring/summer weight for us.

So cozy!!

I cannot get over how soft this blanket is! I wish it came in a grown up size. The fabric feels so luxurious and it is a perfect size to allow my 3 year old and baby to snuggle up under! The design is adorable too.

So Incredibly soft

My 2 year old son uses this blanket and he loves it. It is just the right size for him and not too heavy. The characters are super cute and the fabric is so soft even after washing it a few times already. I will be purchasing the matching pillow next!

Amazing blanket all around!!

This blanket is the perfect size! It is big enough to cover your toddler but also small enough to fold and go without bulk!! The puppy dog print is so adorable and gender neutral! The softness of this blanket is amazing!!!

Perfect blanket

I love how soft and lightweight this blanket is!! It's the perfect size for swaddling and will be great to use when the weather is a little cooler in the summer. The design is gender neutral but stylish!!