Mini Muslin Squares Trial (3 Pack)


Dono & Dono Mini Muslin Squares Trial (3 Pack)

These little muslin squares are an essential for any new mom. They come in a handy pack of 3 and make a handy burp cloth, gauze wipe for baby’s gums and teeth, a bandana bib, or even baby’s first security blanket. This cotton squares are great for on-the-go activities, and their designs are an adorable bonus. You’ll be reaching for these for so many reasons you’ll be happy they come in a pack of 3!

These Mini Muslin Squares are 100% cotton and use an oxford weave for extra life longevity. With a 2-ply construction, they are breathable and absorbent. There are no harsh chemicals or dyes, so these are perfectly safe for even the youngest of babies.

Why all black and white designs? In the beginning stages of life, baby’s eyes aren’t fully developed, which makes simple, high contrasting images easy to see. Dono & Dono’s black and white designs are great for baby’s eyesight and brain development.


  • Burp Cloth: Our Cotton Muslin Squares are perfect for quick and easy clean-ups for spills and messes at feeding time.
  • Bandana Bib: Use your mini muslin squares as a functional and fashionable bib for big droolers and messy eaters.
  • Wash Cloth: Since our Mini Muslin Squares are made from gentle cotton, they are soft and smooth against baby's skin.
  • Wash Cloth Bring them Everywhere!

More details:

  • Measures 13” x 13”
  • 100% cotton
  • Made in South Korea

Washing Instructions:

  • Machine wash cold on gentle
  • Line dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron