Nursin' SMART 9 oz Nurser w/ Stage 2 Natural Nipple

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Innobaby Nursin' SMART 9 oz Nurser w/ Stage 2 Natural Nipple

Recommended for 3-7 months


Innobaby nuser with nipple

Noticeably soft and naturally elastic, Innobaby’s Nursin’ SMART Grow-With-Me Silicone Nursing System was developed by a group of pediatric specialists in 2004. It’s made with the highest quality medical grade silicone and carefully manufactured to provide an ultimate supplementary feeding solution to all feed challenges faced from infant to toddler years.

This nursing system is the safe, natural, and flexible alternative to glass or plastic bottles. It naturally reduces colic without additional parts, and supports babies with feeding challenges, such as those born prematurely or with cleft palates. It also acts as a supplemental bottle feeding solution for breastfeeding mothers. This bottle resembles skin-to-skin contact during feeding, making it the perfect solution for weaning as well as a way to increase emotional IQ.

This Grow-With-Me system allows for extended use throughout toddler years. This single bottle can be used with different stage nipples for different ages and developmental stages, and because it is easy to sanitize and made with safe materials, it can be used for multiple children, making it eco-friendly and economical.


  • 100% pure grade silicone/LSR (liquid silicone rubber)

Other details:

  • BPA-, PVC-, phthalate-, and lead- free
  • Free of all petroleum based chemicals
  • Can be hand-washed or boiled to sterilize
  • Dimensions: 7” x 2.75” x 2.75”

Praised by Moms

“This is truly God sent.”  I’m definitely recommending your bottles to my friends.” 

"Babies will more likely to take our bottle due to the softness and flexibility which resembles breastfeeding experience.   This bottle is an answer to breast feeding mothers who are faced with babies refusing to drink from any ordinary bottle."  

“My baby is finally eating better through the bottle.  I love this system”   

With specially designed Natural Nipple that requires same suckling motion that a breastfeeding requires, babies can control the liquid flow rather than reacting to it.  Therefore, they will less likely to spit up and drink easier at their own speed, causing a much happier baby. 

“I have been looking for a training cup like this!”

Innobaby baby bottle dimensions

Customer Reviews

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Miriam Bradford
Your bottles were a lifesaver for my family when my son was born 8.5 years ago!

As you will see - it has been a long time since I have ordered anything from you all. Your bottles were a lifesaver for my family when my son was born 8.5 years ago! We used your smoothie cups for years and the storage cups were a diaper bag staple. I told everyone about your amazing company and products, and then my kids got older and I didn't need your products anymore. AND THEN I just got an email about your sensory grips and fidgets! My son was diagnosed with SPD when he was 3.5 so it is amazing to me that the bottle that saved us in the beginning of his life was from a company that now also makes fidgets that I know will be so helpful to him at this stage in his life! I am so happy to support innobaby and will be sure to keep my eyes posted for more new products from now on!!

Megg Wallen
Great Product

I found Innobaby through a friend and it is the only bottle my little one will take. I love how easy they are to clean compared to other top brand bottles we have tried. The grow with me concept is great and I look forward to using the different products as baby learns new eating habits. Shipping was fast as well!