Innobaby Packin' SMART Stackables -5 Tier / Zoo Animal

SKU: PS5-ZA313

Innobaby Packin' SMART® 5-Tier Stackables

These stackable containers are an all-in-one storage solution all parents on the go. A diaper bag must-have, these little containers store, dispense, and organize all of your essentials. Store measured powdered formula, cereal, puffs, sweet treats, or even pacifiers, bandaids, cotton balls, hair ties, or other little things you may need that you don’t want to endlessly search for at the bottom of your bag.

Need more convincing? You can use these at home too! Store ice cream toppings, spices, crafts, coins, hair products, earrings, or even paperclips and other office supplies! Keep your house neat and organized with these perfectly sized cups.

They work with a patented click system to ensure they’re all together. If you need one, take one. If you need five, take five! You get to customize exactly what you need for the day, in whatever fun color or design you’d like. This is one of the original Innobaby products, and it’s still around because it’s just so helpful. They’ve even won the National Parenting Media Award and the iParenting Media Award!

Other details:

  • Each container holds 1/3 cup of snacks or up to 4 scoops of formula for a full 8 oz feeding
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Minimize sterilization and avoid extreme temperature change to prolong lifespan
  • BPA-, phthalate-, PVC-, lead- free
  • Made in South Korea

Removable Funnel Lid
Secure-Click Design
Easy Dispensing Lid
Easy Carry Handle

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
So convenient

These stackable containers store, dispense, and organize all of your essentials like formula, treats, or other little items.
My son loved the zoo animals and that he could easily see what was inside and point to the snack he wanted. Then I could detach that compartment without messing up the others.
Only catch was it has to be small items/snacks. I tried some crackers but they were too big and kinda got crushed.

Anita B
So easy to use

We absolutely love this. Its so convenient and easy to use. Stores a bunch of diff snacks at once. You can remove the tiers to make it small and carry less of them or use all 5.

Kimberly F
Great product!

We love these so much! I am a mom of two toddlers and these are really helpful for on the go snacks! They fit nicely in my bag and I love that each kid can have a couple snack options. I use them daily!

Stacks upon stacks, because we can never leave home without our precious snacks!

Thanks to you You Innobaby, this Momma no longer totes around several containers or bags of food all day long! We're now Packin' Smart with this innovative On The Go Essentials item! If I need one container, I take ONE. If I need five, I take FIVE. You get to customize exactly what amount of snacks you need for the day!
Of course love that it's completely dishwasher safe, BPA FREE, and that each container has it's own handy dispensing spout, 'cause let's be honest... wider openings usually mean the food ends up more on the ground than in the mouth!
This is my new favorite product and now being a tiny person's server has never been more fun!

Convenient for snacks on the go!

The SMART stackables are super nice to take snacks with us on the go. The multiple containers allow us to bring multiple options for the toddler who all of the sudden hates their favorite snack - have to fear, more options to appear! We love the stackable design, so that they don't get lost in the bag. Everything stays together for easy access.